HealthTech in Academia: Diverse Leadership & Leaky Pipelines

Published on: 12th June 2018

25 June 2018


UCL Hatchery, Base KX
103c Camley Street

Across all the technical domains in academia, healthtech performs amongst the best when it comes to diversity; encompassing a range of areas from health informatics and clinical data science, to biomedical engineering. Yet whilst healthcare is broadly gender-balanced, women working on what will be the future of the clinical and biomedical fields are still enormously underrepresented in academia. This can be seen across the board, such as the small percentage of female professors in healthtech domains, or only ~15% of life science university spin-outs being female-led.

Join us for a half-day conference where we will discuss the domain-specific challenges and opportunities, hear from a range of young to esteemed women, and most importantly, have some fun! In addition, we are also hosting an ECR soiree!

Check out the event website for full details or register on Eventbrite.

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