Next steps for cancer policy – diagnosis, treatment and research

Published on: 5th February 2018

23 May 2018
09:00 - 13:00


Timed as an opportunity to examine early lessons gained from the implementation of key elements from the Scottish Government’s ‘Beating Cancer’ strategy, this seminar will assess next steps for improving cancer outcomes and care in Scotland, bringing together policymakers with key stakeholders in the NHS, local communities and more widely.

Delegates will discuss the policy priorities for improving early diagnosis following the expansion of the Detect Cancer Early programme and the Scottish Government’s £3m investment in enhancing diagnostics capacity.

Further sessions look at steps for improving cancer treatment including opportunities for reducing waiting times and increasing access to specialist cancer care as the Scottish Government’s clinical advisory group aims to provide its first recommendations to the Health Secretary in early 2018.

Delegates will also discuss next steps for ensuring patients are better placed to reap the benefits of cancer research and innovation, including policies needed to support translational research and improve access to new medicines.

Guest of Honour: Prof Aileen Keel, IHDP

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