Workshop: Productive Researcher

Published on: 10th May 2018

05 June 2018
9.30am - 16.30pm


The Village Hotel
Langdon Road

Workshop objectives
This workshop is based on Prof Reed’s book, The Productive Researcher, in which he draws on interviews with some of the world’s highest performing researchers, the literature and his own experience to identify a small number of important insights that can transform how researchers work. The content is based on an unparalleled breadth of interdisciplinary evidence that speaks directly to researchers of all disciplines and career stages.

The workshop succeeds by shifting you from focusing on tasks to focusing on priorities, linked to your values and identity. By working regularly on your most important priorities, even if only for a small proportion of the working day, you can become increasingly motivated to make time for these priorities, creating a powerful positive feedback loop. Rather than encouraging you to extract ever more productivity from your working life, the emphasis is on using your new-found productivity to get better work-life balance, and by resting well, working even more effectively. This workshop will make you more productive, more satisfied with what you produce, and enable you to be happy working less, and being more.

Workshop setting
The workshop will be delivered in a classroom environment, with all materials provided to delegates. The content will be delivered through a rich blend of teaching and discussion. N.B. Whilst parking is available at the Village hotel, this is not something which organisers will be able to arrange, so delegates will be expected to complete this individually.

Workshop: Productive Researcher
• Each participant receives a copy of The Productive Researcher ( 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 40 reviews on Amazon) plus worksheets:
• One-to-one follow-up via Skype or telephone with Prof Reed after 1 and 3 months for every participant who opts for ongoing support
• You leave with practical tools you can use immediately to save time while achieving more ambitious career goals.

Who should attend?
The workshop is tailored towards researchers, with key sessions and focus of the day being:
• The morning focuses on methods for thinking differently about your research. Each person gains a deeper understanding of the values that underpin their work, the pressures on their time and learns how they think about thinking.
• The afternoon uses these “meta-cognition” skills to set values-based goals that are as much about being as they are about doing, and that is stretching, motivational, authentic, relational and tailored to each person’s unique strengths and abilities. Each person develops a “theory of change” they can use to make practical changes to achieve their most important priorities.
• Towards the end of the day, you look in depth at a small number of time-saving methods, focusing on how to save time online (where you learn how to use social media to shorten your working day among other things) and how to write a highly cited paper in limited time.
• The day ends by establishing aspirations for where you want to be on and three months from now, and making a plan to share progress with someone they can be accountable to, or signing up for free appointments with Prof Reed after one and three months to discuss progress and troubleshoot.

Workshop cost
The workshop is being delivered at no cost to delegates, but a cancellation fee may be charged if attendees fail to attend.

To book
There will be limited places for the workshop available, please email Sarah Toomey on to confirm your interest and any special dietary requirements you may have by Wednesday 23rd May.

Thursday 24th May, a confirmation will be sent out to confirm the final list of attendees able to attend, as well as any reserve list that may be applicable.

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