Cancer Innovation Challenge Funding Call: Q&A

Published on: 18th October 2017

The Cancer Innovation Challenge are currently promoting a funding competition for innovative data science solutions to improve cancer care and outcomes in Scotland which will close 27 October 2017. 

We’ve had a chat with Steph Wright, Project Development Manager at the Cancer Innovation Challenge.

What’s on offer?

The Cancer Innovation Challenge is offering a share of £425k available through a two-phase open funding competition for Innovative data science solutions to improve cancer care and outcomes in Scotland

What’s the Cancer Innovation Challenge?

The Cancer Innovation Challenge is a £1M project funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) to encourage Innovation Centres in Scotland to work in partnership to improve cancer care and outcomes in Scotland through open innovation funding calls. The Challenge seeks data science solutions and patient data capture and integration technologies to help Scotland become a world leader in cancer care.

What are the two phases?

Phase 1 is offering up to £35K to up to 5 projects to undertake a 3 month feasibility study stage

Phase 2 is offering a further (up to) £125K to up to 2 of the Phase 1 projects to undertake a 6 month development and evaluation, proof of concept stage

What are you looking for?

We’re looking for innovative data science solutions that will achieve at least one of the following broad objectives.

  • Enable analysis of unstructured data (e.g. clinical notes, medical imaging)
  • Enable data driven clinical decisions
  • Enable data driven service improvement in the NHS
  • Enable data driven recruitment for clinical trials
  • Enable the adoption of precision medicine approaches

Who are you aiming this at?

Any company registered in the UK and EU with data science capabilities and experience of working with large complex sets of data in secure environments who want to make a difference to the lives of cancer patients.

How do I apply?

First you need to register your interest by midnight Friday 27 October. Once registered, you will then be sent the link to the competition documents which will include the Invitation to Tender, draft contract and link to the application form. You then need to submit the full application by midnight 10 November 2017.

How do you assess my application if I apply?

The assessment criteria for applications are available in the Invitation to Tender. Each application will be scored according to these criteria by five assessors (clinical, data handling, data science, business development and citizen). The scores are then moderated and shortlisted for the Strategic Management Board of the Cancer Innovation Challenge to make the final decisions.

Right, where do I find out more information?

The competition brief and a link to register can be found right here http://bit.ly/2vxiwbK


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