Congratulations to ICES-Farr Institute research fellowship recipients

Published on: 19th October 2017

The Farr Institute and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Studies (ICES) are pleased to announce the two successful recipients of fellowships from their joint Research Fellowship Exchange Programme competition.

Meghna Jani, a rheumatologist and lecturer at Manchester University, will be working with scientist Alan Forster and his team at ICES uOttawa. Currently, Dr. Jani is leading a project on the comparative safety of opioids for non-malignant pain. She will be replicating part of her analysis using linked data from The Ottawa Hospital to develop a prediction model to estimate the likelihood of life-threatening respiratory depression in new users of opioids, and to assess patient outcomes for those who develop respiratory depression in hospital.

Margot Yann, a computer scientist and post-doctoral trainee at ICES, will be working with David Ford, professor of health informatics at Swansea University in Wales. Dr. Yann will compare deep learning algorithms for congestive heart failure with existing rule-based algorithms using electronic health records housed at ICES and the Farr Institute.

Each project will receive up to £15,000 or $30,000 CAD to allow exchange of a research fellow between UK and Canada for a duration of up to three (3) months. The programme will also support the attendance of the Principal Investigators (PIs) and the fellows at the International Population Data Linkage Network Conference in Banff, Canada 12-14 September 2018.

Meghna Jani said, “I’m delighted to be awarded this fellowship and be able to spend up to 3 months at an ICES institute. This opportunity will not only allow us to extend the work on comparative safety of opioids that we are leading and answer clinically impactful research questions, but also hopefully develop new methodological skills that I can bring back to our centre.

“The fellowship will broaden my experience in pharmacoepidemiology using new datasets and develop methodological expertise in modern data analytics via The Ottawa Methods centre with extensive experience in biostatistics, big data and data management. I’m particularly looking forward to developing new collaborations with both Ottawa and Toronto investigators, that will hopefully extend well beyond the fellowship.”

ICES is a not-for-profit community of research, data and clinical experts based in Ontario, Canada, which leads cutting-edge studies that evaluate health care delivery and outcomes. Both ICES and The Farr Institute share the objective of being world-leading research institutes delivering research excellence that results in trusted evidence that makes policy better, health care stronger and people healthier.

ICES and The Farr Institute met for the first time since the partnership was formalised at the IPDLN Conference in Swansea, Wales in August 2016. Leads from each institute were identified to form a working group to develop the collaboration by identifying shared best practices, potential collaborative research projects and opportunities to become more closely involved in each other’s programmes.

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