Dementias Platform UK Discovery Awards: £200k for Research in the Data Portal

Published on: 5th February 2018

Dementias Platform UK (DPUK) launches its Discovery Awards. Individual research grants of up to £50,000 are available for the best research proposals using the Data Portal.

The Discovery Awards – the first competition for funding offered by DPUK – are launched as significant new data comes online in a major new resource for the dementia research community.

The Data Portal – a rich bank of research data, highly relevant to studies into dementia – currently contains records for over 572,000 participants, and includes brain scans, genetic data, clinical records and cognitive test data. The launch of the Discovery Awards underlies DPUK’s commitment to scaling up dementia research using this data and facilitating better understanding of brain diseases in their early stages.

The Data Portal
One of the keys to investigating the complex mechanisms that lead to dementia – and how we can prevent or treat it – is to be able to look into the details of the disease over time, and to look into this detail at scale. By bringing together ‘cohort’ studies – longstanding scientific studies that have conducted repeated medical tests on groups of research participants – DPUK is creating the world’s richest single source of data for those conducting research into dementia.

Any bona fide researcher can now access this wealth of data from anywhere in the world, more quickly, easily and securely than ever before. Following approval, researchers work in a virtual desktop – a first for the dementia research sector, which enables researchers to harness DPUK’s vast processing power and work efficiently with huge volumes of data.

Currently, studies are being conducted within the Data Portal on topics ranging from an investigation into super-agers to the effect of BMI on cognitive function, and DPUK looks forward to the range and number of studies taking place dramatically increasing as more researchers find out about the technology and opportunities available to them.

The Discovery Awards
The Discovery Awards are designed to encourage and promote research within the Data Portal. Individual grants of up to £50,000 will be awarded to researchers for the best proposals for data analysis and DPUK is keen to see researchers from as broad a range of backgrounds and interests as possible apply for the funding.

“The Data Portal is a resource for researchers in universities and industry around the world. New insights will be hidden within the data in the portal, and we are supporting the best studies to find them and advance our efforts to develop treatments for dementia” – John Gallacher, DPUK Director

Applications are open now and the closing date is Friday 6 April 2018. Award winners will be announced at the DPUK conference on 23 April 2018.

Find out more about the Discovery Awards.

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