Farr London Researcher Awarded Grant Fellowship by American Heart Association Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine and Amazon Web Services

Published on: 3rd November 2017

Farr London investigator Dr Spiros Denaxas has been awarded a fellowship entitled “Using machine learning in large-scale EHR and genomics data to define and characterise heart failure phenotypes”.

The AWS awarded 13 grants to scientists who are transforming a one-size-fits-all healthcare into a system that focuses on individual’s unique needs through precision medicine. The competitive grants and fellowships total $2 million and are awarded to scientists with unique backgrounds in data science and computer engineering.

Grant recipients will receive credits to conduct computational analysis and store research data on the American Heart Association Precision Medicine Platform – a data marketplace, powered by the Amazon cloud, that houses vast, diverse and previously siloed data.

Through the platform, scientists from around the world can easily access, store, share and analyse large datasets to identify new patterns, new questions and find new answers to accelerate breakthroughs in prevention, treatment and cures for heart disease and stroke.


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