Kerina Jones Reflects on Her Time with The Farr Institute

Published on: 22nd October 2018

We recently spoke with Kerina Jones, Associate Professor of Health Informatics at Swansea University, about her time with The Farr Institute.

What does your work involve?
I lead the Innovative Governance working group across The Farr Institute.

How long have you been with The Farr Institute?
Since the outset.

What opportunities has The Farr Institute created for your field of work?
Excellent opportunities to work with other experts in the fields of data governance and public engagement.

What would you say have been your main achievements and successes during your time funded by The Farr Institute?
The Innovative Governance Working Group has been an active and collaborative group. We have forged ongoing collaborations and turn to each other for advice, and to share opportunities. We have a section on the website and in the annual reports which summarises our work together. This has included being The Farr Institute’s voice on consultations, providing advice to government and regulators and publishing research articles.

Being part of a UK-wide networked Institute, what have you found most challenging and most beneficial?
The most challenging has been resourcing the work that could be done. The most beneficial is the networking and getting to know my Information Governance and Public Engagement colleagues across the UK.

How do you think The Farr Institute has helped raise awareness of the importance of patient data?
Via the data saves lives campaign, through events, the public engagement group’s work and through publications.

How do you think The Farr Institute has advanced health data research in the UK?
It has really raised the profile and enabled more researchers to take part, and more stakeholders to be involved.

In what ways have you been involved with or used the #datasaveslives campaign?
I include it in presentations.

Have you been able to gain new experiences or progress your career during your time with The Farr Institute?
I’ve further developed my expertise through working with the Innovative Governance and Public Engagement groups, and needing to address data governance challenges in different data use scenarios.

What are your plans for the future?
To continue working with my colleagues and to expand the Innovative Governance Working Group to include the new Health Data Research UK Sites.

What do you think The Farr Institute should be remembered for?
Advancing the safe, socially-responsible use of health data to improve and save lives.

Follow Kerina on Twitter: @KerinaHJones
Or contact her on k.h.jones@swansea.ac.uk

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