Scotland’s New Digital Health and Care Strategy Published

Published on: 25th April 2018

Scotland has a new Digital Health and Social Care Strategy that sets out how technology can support person-centred care, and sustain and improve services for the future. It highlights progress and challenges to date, and sets out to maximise the opportunities of digital technology to help improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for people in Scotland.

Read the strategy here.

The new strategy has been developed over the past year, and its aims and priorities have been informed by widespread engagement with members of the public and health and social care front-line staff. An independent panel of world-leading UK and international experts was also established to make recommendations to inform the development of the strategy, and was chaired by the acclaimed Professor David Bates of Harvard School of Public Health.  The Strategy has also been informed by the evidence presented to the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee, which reported earlier this year on technology and innovation in health and social care.

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Source: Digital Health and Care Scotland

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