Health informatics research is a multi-disciplinary field that aims to improve the safety and delivery of healthcare through the use of technology and the analysis of health data. However, delivering insights from this data is bottle-necked due to the shortage of skills across a variety of fields. To meet the challenges of obtaining meaningful and accurate information from the tsunami of data available in the UK, it is essential for the right professionals with the right combination of skills to work together.


To address this, The Farr Institute committed to collaboratively investing in the professional development of research scientists and other professionals who work across academia, healthcare and industry. By running a mixture of education and training programmes for those with new skills and by allowing individuals with existing capability to broaden their expertise and knowledge, the Institute nurtured a new community of ‘health data scientists’ with an understanding of both ‘big data’ and healthcare.

By training people from different backgrounds in the same environment, the Institute encouraged individuals to apply understanding from a range of subjects to their research. By providing more than just technical training, The Farr Institute embedded professional skills such as communication, leadership, influencing ability and decision making into its courses.

PhD students discuss their research

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To discuss opportunities for working with The Farr Institute’s Capacity Building Working Group contact DrWing-Chau Tung, Network Manager, 020 3549 5319,