The Farr Institute’s e-Infrastructure research theme provided the frameworks that underpin the safe and trusted use of data for patient benefit.

Research in this area supported internationally leading collaborative research with advanced communications networks, data resources and innovations in hardware and software. This provided key tools for researchers to investigate, understand and improve population health and individual care.

Developing e-Infrastructure also helped to deliver new methodologies and best practice standards in confidentiality and data protection. e-Infrastructure investments are essential to maintaining the UK’s international ambition to lead in health research and to addressing global medical scientific challenges.

In addition to its applications in information gathering and interpretation, e-Infrastructure is also critical for efficient dissemination of new knowledge to clinicians and patients for benefiting care.

Work programmes included:

  • The collaborative development of Trustworthy Research Environments that meet strict standards of research, data security and privacy
  • New data analysis platform
  • Dataset catalogue development
  • Secure research communication networks
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