The UK is fortunate to have a National Health Service rich in data on the health and care of 65 million people. This provides unparalleled opportunities for harnessing electronic health records in discovery science and the evolution of population-based health systems. It is an exciting, innovative and ambitious time for health informatics in the UK and The Farr Institute is proud to have been a part of the UK’s vision to become a global leader in the data driven improvements in public health and patient care.

As a collaboration of more than 20 UK universities, The Farr Institute’s expertise was wide ranging. The Institute worked to advance informatics, statistics and data science and to develop governance and infrastructure frameworks that underpin the safe and trusted use of patient data. This provided the necessary tools to investigate, understand and improve the health and care of nation-wide populations.

Platform Research

By enabling new datasets and developing new infrastructure, methodology, technologies, standards and best practices, The Farr Institute worked with the owners and controllers of data to support the safe and trusted sharing and linkage of datasets. In doing so, the Institute championed data protection, confidentiality and privacy in medical research.

Our platform research fell broadly under the following themes:

Areas of Application

The Farr Institute was able to conduct and facilitate the investigation and understanding of the health of populations by performing pioneering inter-disciplinary research with large and complex data.

With such diverse expertise across our academic network, our research was applied to a multitude of areas, from specific diseases to enhancing health services. Our research priorities included:


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Case Studies

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