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The 10 Best Diet Plans in 2024 for Weight Loss, Sustainability, & More

The 10 Best Diet Plans in 2024 for Weight Loss, Sustainability, & More

By Kire Stojkovski M.D
Editor Jonathan Hoarau Published 07 February 2024
Time to read 8 min

While exercise plays a crucial role in weight loss, taking your diet seriously by eating healthy meals is equally important. But how do you figure out what’s best for you? Even if you do, you may not always have the time to prepare them. This is where the best diet plans come in.

Our article covers the best diet plans for women and men, starting with Nutrisystem. We will carefully review each option to assist you in making an informed decision that aligns with your health and lifestyle goals.

From convenience to nutritional balance, these best diet plans are evaluated to ensure they meet various needs, whether you’re aiming for weight loss, sustainability, or overall well-being.

Best Diet Plans

  1. Nutrisystem – Best diet plan overall
  2. Reverse Health – Best for women
  3. Noom Weight Loss – Best for weight loss
  4. Gobble – Best for beginner cooks
  5. Keto Cycle – Best for ketogenic diet
  6. Diet-to-Go – Best for flexible meal plans
  7. BistroMD – Best for specific diet requirements
  8. Freshology – Best for automatic weekly delivery
  9. Ketogenic Diet-to-Go – Best keto meals for weight loss
  10. HelloFresh – Most flexible meal subscription service

1. Nutrisystem – Best Diet Plan Overall


  • Vegetarian and diabetic-friendly options
  • Encourages healthy eating habits and portion control
  • Personalized weight management
  • Wide variety of meal choices
  • Advanced app features for tracking


  • More comprehensive plans are expensive


Nutrisystem is a popular weight loss program that has been around for several decades. It is also a meal delivery service that provides the best prepackaged diet plans and portion-controlled meals to help people lose weight.

The company is renowned for its comprehensive support system, including coaching options and guidance from a dedicated team, ensuring a holistic approach to weight loss.

Why We Chose Nutrisystem as One of the Best Diet Plans

Nutrisystem’s pre-packaged meals make it easy to follow the program and eliminate the need to count calories or track food intake. The program offers a variety of options, including vegetarian and diabetic-friendly meal plans. Additionally, the program provides online coaching and support, making it easy to stay on track.

While the program requires you to prepare some meals on your own, most of your meals and snacks are provided by Nutrisystem. This aspect could be a pro or con depending on your taste preferences and how your body reacts to pre-packaged food.

Although Nutrisystem offers different program tiers at varying prices, all are relatively expensive. However, since Nutrisystem provides most of your meals for the month, some may find the higher cost worthwhile for convenience.

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2. Reverse Health – Best for Women


  • Personalized approach
  • Customized meal and exercise plans
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Coaching support
  • Flexible program


  • Expensive
  • Program may be too structured for some
  • Unsuitable for anyone with medical or dietary limitations


Matthew Jones, a sports nutritionist, and Monika, a lifestyle and mental health coach, developed the 12-week Reverse Health weight reduction program specifically for women.

The program aims to assist women in leading healthier lifestyles by providing them with a comprehensive meal plan, supplement guide, community, and exercise routine, with the ultimate goal of empowering them.

Why We Chose Reverse Health as One of the Best Diet Plans

Reverse Health offers a personalized weight loss program for women, considering individual factors like body type, metabolism, and lifestyle. It’s accessible via a user-friendly app, suitable for busy women, with daily 15-minute lessons for health and fitness improvement.

The program provides tailored diet plans based on nutrient needs and goals, accommodating various eating patterns, including keto, low-carb, pescatarian, plant-based, and vegan. Plus, the app adapts to the user’s preferences, offering diverse recipes and alternatives to maintain diet plan adherence.

While Reverse Health doesn’t deliver meals, it offers personalized meal plans with recipes and grocery lists for home cooking. Additionally, it includes a private online community for support and connection with others on similar journeys.

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3. Noom Weight Loss – Best for Weight Loss


  • Personalized weight loss approach
  • One-on-one coaching available
  • Flexible, user-friendly lessons
  • Promotes meals with a reduced calorie density using a simple color-coding scheme
  • Doesn't completely exclude any foods or food groupings


  • Requires active app engagement


Noom is a pioneering digital health company that leverages behavioral science to facilitate healthier, happier lives. Its platform, combining psychology, technology, and human coaching, has been instrumental in helping millions of users achieve their health and wellness objectives.

Why We Chose Noom as One of the Best Diet Plans

Noom has become one of the most popular best diet plans for women after its introduction in 2008, as it has garnered significant attention and search queries.

Noom’s best prepackaged diet plans assert that participants in the program who also lead healthy lifestyles should anticipate weekly weight loss of 1-2 pounds (lb) (0.5-1 kilograms [kg]). One study found that women who utilized a virtual coaching program like Noom for 8 weeks lost significant weight and improved habits like impulsive eating [1].

Noom empowers users to understand and change their relationship with food, promoting mindfulness and sustainable habits. The flexibility of the program allows users to integrate Noom seamlessly into their daily routine, with lessons that can be tailored to each individual’s schedule.

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4. Gobble – Best for Beginner Cooks


  • Minimal cooking expertise required
  • Meals ready in 15 minutes
  • Pre-prepped ingredients
  • Diverse weekly menu
  • Flexible meal selections


  • Excessive packaging
  • Longer than expected preparation and cooking hours


Gobble is a meal delivery service that has been operating since 2014. It distinguishes itself in the meal delivery market, focusing on simplicity and speed. Designed for individuals with busy lifestyles or beginner cooking skills, Gobble offers a service where meals can be prepared in just 15 minutes.

Why We Chose Gobble as One of the Best Diet Plans

We chose Gobble for its exceptional ability to cater to beginner cooks and those with time constraints. The service excels in delivering meals that require minimal cooking time, thanks to the pre-preparation work done by Gobble’s chefs, including peeling, chopping, and marinating. This aspect makes cooking a quick, enjoyable, and less daunting task.

The diverse weekly menu offers a range of 15-minute recipes, ensuring freshness and variety. Gobble also allows you to change meal selections and plan preferences anytime. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy homemade dinners without the typical time investment or complexity.

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5. Keto Cycle – Best for Ketogenic Diet


  • Personalized keto plans
  • Over 10,000 recipes
  • Comprehensive meal planning
  • Smart tracking features
  • Supportive community of 60k members


  • Subscription-based apps may be expensive
  • Tailored food regimens may restrict flexible dieters


Keto Cycle stands out in the digital health space as a dedicated ketogenic diet app designed to simplify and personalize the keto experience. It focuses on removing the complexities of keto dieting by handling the scientific and planning aspects, allowing users to concentrate on their health transformation.

Why We Chose Keto Cycle as One of the Best Diet Plans

Keto Cycle was chosen for its exceptional ability to customize ketogenic diet plans to individual lifestyles, health, and nutritional needs, promoting efficient results. The app offers an array of over 10,000 recipes, ensuring that users have a diverse range of food choices that cater to their preferences.

Its comprehensive approach, including balanced meal planning, smart tracking, and daily weight loss tips, makes it a holistic tool for integrating the ketogenic diet into daily life. Plus, including a thriving community of 60,000 members provides invaluable support and motivation. This may also foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose among users.

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6. Diet-to-Go – Best for Flexible Meal Plans


  • Easy online plan customization
  • Fresh, low-calorie, balanced meals
  • Ready-to-eat in minutes
  • Automatic weekly delivery
  • Expert support and tools


  • Limited customization options for meals


Diet-to-Go sets itself apart as a meal delivery service that prioritizes health and convenience. With a mission to redefine healthy eating, they offer a range of fresh, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meals prepared in a USDA-certified kitchen.

Why We Chose Diet-to-Go as One of the Best Diet Plans

Our selection of Diet-to-Go as the best prepackaged diet plan for flexibility is driven by its versatility and user-friendliness. The service allows customers to pick their favorite meals, switch between different plans, and manage their subscriptions online, offering an unparalleled level of control and customization.

The convenience of receiving delicious, ready-to-eat meals that require no preparation and the option to pause or cancel deliveries makes it highly adaptable to various lifestyles.

Additionally, Diet-to-Go’s commitment to providing expert support and resources further enhances the customer experience.

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7. BistroMD – Best for Specific Diet Requirements


  • Tailored for metabolic dysfunction
  • Scientifically balanced macronutrients
  • Fully prepared, convenient meals
  • Personalized dietitian support
  • Customizable weekly menus


  • Meals may lack flavor for some
  • Vegetarians have few alternatives, while vegans seldom have any


BistroMD, established in 2005 by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D., stands out as a family-owned company that combines medical expertise with nutritional knowledge to offer tailored meal plans. Dr. Cederquist’s 20+ years of experience in metabolic dysfunction and hormonal effects on metabolism are integral to the brand’s philosophy.

Why We Chose BistroMD as One of the Best Diet Plans

BistroMD stands out for its exceptional focus on meeting specific diet requirements through scientifically formulated meals. Each entree offers a balance of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats, ideal for those needing a nutritionally balanced diet.

The convenience of having breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered ready-to-eat makes it a valuable service for busy individuals. Plus, the individualized support provided by their dietitian team and customizable weekly menus enhance the overall dieting experience.

Access to additional resources and tools via a member account further supports users on their health journey.

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8. Freshology – Best for Automatic Weekly Delivery


  • Easy, automatic weekly delivery
  • Customizable meal plans
  • Fresh, low-calorie meals
  • No meal prep required
  • Supports healthy lifestyle


  • Can't choose shipping days


Freshology, powered by Diet-to-Go, is a renowned meal delivery service dedicated to simplifying healthy eating. With over 30 years in the industry, they boast an experienced team and a USDA-certified kitchen, ensuring top-quality, fresh, and nutritionally balanced meals.

Why We Chose Freshology as One of the Best Diet Plans

We selected Freshology for its exceptional convenience and flexibility. The service excels in offering automatic weekly deliveries that can be paused or canceled anytime, fitting seamlessly into various lifestyles.

The easy online management of meal preferences and plans adds to its appeal. Freshology’s range of award-winning menus, including specialized options like Balance, Balance Diabetes, Keto-Carb360, and Vegetarian, ensures there’s something for everyone.

Plus, the ready-to-eat meals, requiring minimal preparation time, underscore the brand’s dedication to convenience without compromising health and taste.

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9. Ketogenic Diet-to-Go – Best Keto Meals for Weight Loss


  • Automatic weekly delivery
  • Strict food safety standards
  • Portion-controlled, keto-friendly meals
  • Average weight loss of 10 lbs/30 days
  • Supportive online community


  • Not ideal if you’re used to a certain quality of home-cooked meals


Ketogenic Diet-to-Go specializes in making the ketogenic diet approachable and enjoyable. They focus on delivering weekly, pre-portioned keto meals that adhere to strict food safety protocols in government-inspected kitchens.

Why We Chose Ketogenic Diet-to-Go as One of the Best Diet Plans

We chose Ketogenic Diet-to-Go for its effective approach to the keto diet. The service simplifies the keto lifestyle by delivering portion-controlled meals to maintain ketosis and promote fat-burning and weight loss.

With an average weight loss of 10 pounds in 30 days reported by their customers, the results speak for themselves. Additionally, the brand offers a supportive Facebook community, making the journey to weight loss more manageable and less isolating.

Their focus on convenience, coupled with the proven effectiveness of their meals, makes them a top pick for individuals seeking to lose weight through a ketogenic diet.

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10. HelloFresh – Most Flexible Meal Kit Subscription Service


  • Over 1 billion meals delivered
  • Easy skipping or canceling
  • Varied meal plan options
  • Nutritionally balanced, labeled meals
  • Convenient, step-by-step recipes


  • Recipe cards may not provide a complete nutrition breakdown
  • May require cooking skills


HelloFresh has firmly established itself as a leading meal kit service, boasting over 1 billion meals delivered and 7.1 million active customers as of Q3 2023. The brand is celebrated for democratizing access to high-quality, varied, and tasty diets while also contributing to reduced food waste.

Why We Chose HelloFresh as One of the Best Diet Plans

Our selection of HelloFresh as the most flexible meal kit subscription service stems from its no-commitment policy, allowing for effortless week-skipping or cancellation. It eliminates the need for meal planning and grocery shopping by delivering fresh, pre-portioned ingredients with step-by-step recipes.

Tailoring to diverse dietary preferences, such as carnivores, vegetarians, and calorie-conscious eaters, it offers over 30 weekly recipes crafted by expert chefs. The ease of receiving these meals and the detailed nutritional labeling make it an exemplary choice for those seeking convenient, healthy, and delicious meal options.

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Best Diet Plans: What Is a Diet?

The foods and drinks that a person consumes regularly make up their diet programs.

The best diet plans for women and men are usually created with specific intentions, such as losing or gaining weight, managing blood sugar levels, or achieving other goals.

Plus, they have different recommendations, such as plant-based or low-carbohydrate best diets or cutting out red meat or animal products completely.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats are all part of a healthy diet, but before making any major changes in your diet, it’s wise to talk to your doctor.

Who Should Follow a Diet?

Using different best prepackaged diet plans can help you lose weight, improve overall health, or address specific health concerns such as high blood pressure or digestive problems.

Athletes who aim to maintain peak physical performance and individuals who want to improve their appearance and well-being may also be interested in following a specific dietary plan.

Following these best diet plans for women and men can help combat issues like lethargy and mental fog by improving nutrient intake. It’s important to make healthy food choices to achieve desired results.

Why Is a Diet Important?

Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as it can significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes [2].

The best diet plans for women and men include a variety of fruits, lean meats, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and fish, lowering the possibility of developing such diseases. However, it is important to be aware of unhealthy dietary habits such as excessive sugar, salt, and saturated fats consumption.

Additionally, the best diet meal plans play a vital role in maintaining a healthy weight, which is crucial considering the high prevalence of obesity in the US adult population [3].

Get the best prepackaged diet plans from Nutrisystem

Best Diet Plans: Different Types of Diets

Although there appears to be an infinite number of the best diets to choose from, there are several broad categories of best diets that you can learn about when beginning the best weight loss programs.

  • Raw foods: If you follow a raw foods diet, most of your best diets will consist of uncooked foods. This type of diet usually avoids foods that have been cooked or heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as those that have been pasteurized. Typically, this diet involves eating nuts, seeds, raw fruits and vegetables, and sprouted grains.
  • Plant-based: A plant-based diet emphasizes the consumption of vegetables and legumes, with varying degrees of animal products allowed depending on the specific type of plant-based diet. Our ranking includes vegetarian and pescatarian best diets as variations of plant-based diets, and there is also flexitarian eating, which involves limiting poultry, fish, meat, and seafood intake.
  • Low-carbohydrate: For several decades, there have been multiple versions of low-carb dieting, which primarily involve limiting carbohydrate intake while consuming more healthy fats. The low-carb/high-fat diet (LCHF) has different forms, such as the ketogenic (keto), Atkins, and paleo best diets.
  • Intermittent fasting: Intermittent fasting requires daily fasting for a certain time. The 5:2 approach includes consuming a single meal of 500-600 calories for two days of the week and regularly eating the rest of the five days. Another technique, the 16:8 approach, permits eating only within an eight-hour window each day. One can drink water and low or calorie-free beverages like black coffee or tea during fasting.

Best Diet Plans: Benefits of Following a Healthy Diet

Maintaining the best diet to lose weight has numerous advantages, including decreasing the possibility of developing a chronic illness. For instance, diets low in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases [4].

Furthermore, a healthy low-fat diet can help prevent undesirable weight gain, such as replacing animal fats with unsaturated vegetable oils like olive oil.

Additionally, consuming a well-balanced diet is perhaps the most important benefit, as it enhances your mood and overall well-being. By consuming the appropriate foods, you may find that you can manage stress more effectively and have more energy to engage in activities you enjoy.

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Best Diet Plans: What Is the Best Diet for Me?

Choosing the best diet plan depends on individual health goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle. For weight loss, diets like the Mediterranean, DASH, and low-carb or ketogenic diets are popular and have shown effectiveness.

For overall health, balanced diets rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, such as the Mediterranean diet, are often recommended. If you have specific health conditions like diabetes or heart disease, specialized diets like the diabetic diet or heart-healthy diets are advisable.

What To Consider When Choosing the Best Diet Plans for Weight Loss

While various studies have shown that healthy low-carbohydrate and healthy low-fat diets can lead to comparable weight loss results, it’s important to choose a sustainable diet in the long term [5]. When deciding which diets are best, you may ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will I alter in order to reduce my weight, my cholesterol, or my fat intake?
  • Are the diet’s meals reasonably priced?
  • What aspects of my routine and preferences could make this specific strategy effective for me?
  • Do I have enough time to prepare and purchase the recommended meals?
  • Do the best diets include things I like eating?

Experts generally agree that the following elements belong in a healthy, long-term best diet to lose weight plan:

  • Having a snack in the afternoon is important as it helps to keep individuals content and satisfied.
  • To maintain one of the best diets, consuming a minimum of 1,500 calories per day for women and 1,800 calories per day for men is recommended [6].
  • A balanced diet should consist of a variety of foods from different food groups, such as fruits, nuts, seeds, lean protein, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and healthy fats [7].
  • The proportions of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) should be appropriate enough to provide energy to the body. There should be sufficient micronutrients (like vitamins and minerals) for optimal function.

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Best Diet Plans: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you still have questions about the best diet plans for women and men? We’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions below.

Which Diet Is the Most Effective in Weight Loss?

For achieving long-term weight loss goals, the best diet plans require replacing unhealthy eating habits with healthier ones. The best diet plans for women and men need to emphasize consuming more natural and unprocessed food options and maintaining a balance of protein, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats while keeping sugar and salt intake low.

What Is the Number 1 Healthiest Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is often considered the #1 option among the healthiest and best diet plans for men and women. It emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, fish, and lean protein. This diet is known for its benefits for heart health and long-term sustainability.

How Can I Lose 20 Pounds in a Month?

Losing 20 pounds in a month is a very ambitious goal and may not be safe or sustainable. A more realistic and healthier approach is to aim for 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week. This can be achieved through a balanced diet, regular exercise, and lifestyle changes [8]. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any drastic weight loss plan.

What Is the Best Diet Plan To Build Muscle?

When it comes to building muscle, the best diet plans for women and men should primarily emphasize dietary protein. The best diet to lose weight encompasses the intake of whole foods that are abundant in protein and nutrients.

What Is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet places a strong emphasis on fruits and vegetables, then whole grains that have not been damaged, lean meats like fish or chicken, and healthy plant oils like olive or soy oil in moderation.

Maintaining an active lifestyle and choosing beverages like water, coffee, or tea over sugary beverages or too much dairy also support a healthy, balanced diet and a way of life.

How Long Does It Take for a Diet To Work?

The time it takes for a diet to show results can vary based on the type of diet and individual factors like metabolism, lifestyle, and adherence to the diet plan. Generally, a gradual and steady weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week is considered safe and sustainable.

Get the best prepackaged diet plans from Nutrisystem

The Best Diet Plans: The Bottom Line

It’s clear that finding the right diet plan is a highly personal journey. Whether your goal is weight loss, long-term sustainability, or overall well-being, each plan, starting with Nutrisystem, offers unique benefits to suit different lifestyles and dietary preferences.

Remember, the effectiveness of a diet plan isn’t just in its ability to help you shed pounds; it’s also in its sustainability, nutritional balance, and how well it fits into your daily life.

The plans we’ve reviewed range from convenient meal deliveries to the best prepackaged diet plans to flexible dieting programs, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


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