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6 Free Online Hearing Tests You Can Take At Home

6 Free Online Hearing Tests You Can Take At Home

By Kire Stojkovski M.D
Editor Jonathan Hoarau Published 10 March 2024
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You don’t have to visit a doctor to receive hearing test results. An online hearing test for hearing care is one convenient option if conversations are a struggle for you.
A hearing care professional will help you if the issue is background noise, certain frequencies or otherwise. With your results, you can decide if you need hearing aids.
Though typically difficult to find an accurate free online hearing test, we did the research so you can focus on better hearing. All you need to do is set aside a few minutes of your time.

Best Online Hearing Tests

Do you often ask people to repeat themselves in different listening scenarios? Use speakers to take a test for background noise or a tone test to help you determine the problem. We’ve compiled a guide that features six hearing care tests and types, each with an official website, audiologist and evaluation procedures. They don’t require much beyond your zip code, first name, last name and email. The best part? No appointment required with an in-person hearing care professional. It’s a virtual conversation only. Here’s how each hearing test company works, each has something to offer for your hearing problems. Make sure to test sound volumes beforehand and find a comfortable place to sit.

1. MD Hearing Aid — Best Free Online Hearing Test

Hearing aid manufacturers like MD not only make better hearing possible, but affordable and accessible, as well.
They have budget-friendly hearing aids for sale, with four different types available. Installment plans are on offer, too.

How Does It Work?

The free online hearing test with MD requires a few simple steps. You’ll need one pair of headphones, a location free from background noise and 8 minutes of your time to complete the test. Once you finish your profile, your test will begin.
The company takes you through six steps for both your left and right ears, measuring different frequencies and tones as you go along. You’ll listen to each one at the recommended volume and choose the lowest volume you can hear before it cuts out.

How Do You Take It?

MD Hearing Aid’s test results are easy to interpret and understand
You’ll receive your hearing test results automatically and an analysis by MD’s audiologists. Results could differ between ears. Included is a breakdown of what frequencies are a challenge for you: low, medium or high.
Limit outside noise exposure as much as you can during the test. As you go through each step of the hearing evaluation on speakers, listen a few times before determining your final choice, to ensure accuracy.

Get A Free Online Hearing Test

2. Eargo — Best for Lifestyle

Eargo measures how well you hear different tones in speech range, but they manufacture modern hearing aids for hearing loss, too.
The company also features a state-of-the-art app that coincides with their hearing aids line. It allows you to customize your hearing capabilities, depending on which environment you’re in, like a theater or at a party, to name a few.
It’s another free online hearing test example.

How Does It Work?

Eargo online hearing aid test uses infographics to explain results
One tone test takes just 2 minutes and you’ll select which style of headphones you’ll use. Do your best to minimize any ambient noise around you.
This test measures different tonalities, testing the left ear before the right. It doesn’t give you the chance to hear something more than once or decide which level is best. You simply click the button as you go along, depending if you can hear a tone or not.

How Do You Take It?

The company requires that you fill out a questionnaire before you receive your results. These questions help determine which tone is your biggest challenge. Your analysis is emailed to you, after providing your phone number and email address.
Some of the tones used in this hearing test are extremely faint. Do your best to concentrate but don’t strain over it.

A number of reviewers praised Eargo for being quite innovative for its price range

Get A Free Online Hearing Test

3. Signia USA — Best in Hearing Aids Selection

This hearing aid provider has an impressive menu of over 15 devices. Signia treats hearing loss, as well as tinnitus, and offers various support modules on the official website.
Audiologists developed two Signia hearing test options, the first is located on the site and the other via their branded application. The company does note that you shouldn’t treat either hearing loss test as a professional diagnosis, but more an idea of your hearing profile.

How Does It Work?

On the site, the free hearing test works in a different way, compared to formerly mentioned companies. It tests how well you’re able to hear specific words with noise in the background. This helps detect your speech in noise challenges.

Signia has instructions on how to get the most out of each hearing test
The test is comprehensive in that you have a wide variety of choices at each step, depending on what words you hear, if anything at all. It takes around 5 minutes to complete and you have the option to repeat each step if necessary.

How Do You Take it?

Results are presented automatically with a basic analysis. You then have the option to test further with the help of a hearing care professional.
Headphones aren’t required for this test but given its advanced method, we’d recommend them for clarity. It’s better than computer speakers.

Get A Free Online Hearing Test

4. Audicus — Best On The Go Test

Audicus (all rights reserved) is a popular company that provides accurate tests and instant results. Their testing options were designed by neuroscientists and Audicus credits top-of-the-line research for its success.
This business, like many other testing companies, also sells affordable hearing aids.

How Does It Work?

The online hearing test takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. Before you begin, you have to provide your phone number, email address, first name and last name.

The hearing test includes a series of tones set at various volumes and pitches. You simply click the spacebar if you hear it or “not heard” if you don’t. So far, it’s the simplest test we’ve come across.

How Do You Take It?

Unfortunately, you only get one chance to hear each pitch or volume level, so make sure you’re concentrating from start to finish.

Get A Free Online Hearing Test

5. Resound — Best in Information

The Resound website features multiple resources for hearing loss support, beyond your usual hearing aids and online tests. You’ll find support articles, reports from audiologists, an application center and more, for example.
You access the free online hearing test directly from the homepage.

How Does It Work?

The Resound hearing loss test is similar to that offered by Signia, in that it’s testing speech in noise patterns. This tests your hearing ability among background noise, which is a greater challenge than basic tones alone.
You choose which words or numbers you hear, based on the picture buttons in the test, while the noises grow louder with each step.

How Do You Take It?

You have the option to use headphones or the speaker from your device. However, if you use the latter, your test will be for both ears simultaneously, not one after the other. If you think that your hearing loss affects one ear primarily, wear headphones for your test.
Your automatic results are basic, with a label of “mild”, “moderate” or “severe” hearing loss.

Get A Free Online Hearing Test

6. Widex — Best in Method for Hearing Loss

Like other companies on our list, Widex (rights reserved) offers tests and they’re also a hearing aid manufacturer. They do feature useful resources on their website, but it’s a minimal selection including e-books for understanding hearing.
The online hearing test is the first thing you’ll see on the site page.

How Does It Work?

The first step is a brief questionnaire about your hearing including speech in noise difficulties, tones, volumes and more. This helps create your analysis, along with your test findings.

This test is a mix of background noise questions and tonal varieties after that. It brings together two testing styles into one and it shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes to complete.

How Do You Take It?

We recommend using headphones for accuracy, although they’re not required. Do take advantage of the free sound volume test beforehand, too, it helps.
You’ll receive your results by email with findings from the company’s hearing care specialist.

Get A Free Online Hearing Test

How Do Online Hearing Tests Work?

Online hearing tests exist to provide you with an idea about your specific hearing loss scenario. They’re not meant to be a diagnosis, but an online hearing test can give you an idea of how bad your hearing loss is and what can be done about it. This includes what type of general hearing loss you suffer from and if you could benefit from a hearing aid or not [1]. These tests primarily test by two hearing methods:

  • Speece in sound (noise in background)
  • Tone tests (volumes/pitches)

If one is a greater challenge than another, opt for a test that suits you. Otherwise, a hearing test that combines both scenarios is your best pick. Each of the companies, on their websites, list the straightforward conditions for each test and the corresponding audio output necessary. They then offer next steps.

What Are the Benefits of Online Hearing Tests?

Tests for hearing loss offer the following sound benefits:

  • No doctor’s appointment needed: It’s a convenient conversation, free and discreet.
  • Non-prescription hearing aids: Companies like MD offer hearing aids without a prescription, adding to the appeal.
  • Insurance isn’t required: Most companies are available to everyone.


If you’re new to hearing loss or don’t use hearing aids yet, you’re probably here to gain as much information and support as possible.

How To Choose the Best Online Hearing Test

All of the tests on the list are backed by science, be it audiologists or neurologists. Users choose the test that most closely corresponds with your hearing troubles, be it conversations or certain frequencies and sound types.

Are Online Hearing Tests Accurate?

Tests for people do provide some idea about your hearing and if you could benefit from hearing aids. They don’t work as a professional diagnosis, though.

Can Anyone Take an Online Hearing Test?

A big advantage of online hearing tests for hearing loss is that they’re accessible to anyone and everyone, so long as you have a functioning device with sound. We appreciate this level of support.

What Is The Best Online Hearing Test?

We recommend MD for people. The hearing loss test is simple, taking only a few minutes and you have the option to repeat steps for accuracy. Results are displayed automatically, too.


For people that have trouble hearing at dinner parties or in a conversation area, support is available. An online hearing test for hearing loss might be in your next steps. Use speakers and adjust your volume for the best results when you take the test. An audiologist with each company lays out detailed instructions, depending on the test type. Take the online hearing test to determine whether to seek out hearing aids or not. A hearing care professional online, or in your area, can help your story become a success. Your name email and other basic infos are required, but that’s about it.

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