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In 2018, the Eargo hearing aid manufacturer received a “Best Inventions” award by TIME magazine. These licensed hearing professionals have multiple accolades, but how much of that is because of quality and how much is good marketing? Per our research and tests, the awards seem merited.
Whether you suffer from mild-to-moderate hearing loss or high frequency hearing loss, Eargo hearing aids come in a variety of styles for optimal hearing health. Learn more about this company from our objective research-backed hearing aid reviews below.

Is Every Eargo Review Legitimate?

In 2010, and thanks to leading venture capital firms, Eargo came onto the hearing aid scene. The headquarters are in San Jose, California.
They offer modern-friendly hearing aids, so not so much like typical traditional hearing aids. All Eargo devices are rechargeable and come with the latest hearing technology, including a smartphone application.
This hearing aid company also has hearing care professionals on staff to help you choose the best hearing aid for you.

Eargo Benefits

Eargo engineers its products to compliment modern life, but that’s not the only thing reviewers commented positively on.

Team of Hearing Specialists

Customer service at the Eargo company includes Telecare checkups via video or phone, depending on what you’re most comfortable with. These consultations are free of charge, too.
A video with an Eargo hearing professional includes a one-to-one Zoom meeting, a hearing screening and results analysis, and a visual demo of each Eargo hearing aid, the smartphone app and the charger. You’ll also have the space to ask questions you might have about hearing loss or the products available.
If you prefer a phone call, you’ll miss out on the visual demos, but everything else is included.
To book an appointment, simply use the calendar feature on the official Eargo website.

Affordable Hearing Aids

Your average hearing aid can run you anywhere between $1000 and $8000 for each ear. Some insurance companies cover hearing aids for you, while others don’t, not to mention all the stipulations included.
With Eargo, their hearing aids run from $1850 to $2950, placing them on the lower end of the cost bracket. Financing packages are available if you prefer to make a monthly payment, and you’ll also find discounts and sales on the regular.

No Clinic Visits Required

One of the best things about Eargo is that it’s all available virtually, from start to finish. Not only is your consultation free, but you don’t have to leave your house for the appointment.
According to the company, you have access to the support you need, when you need it, thanks to the hearing professionals that make up the Ergo customer service team.

Eargo Reviews

As with any important investment, you want to make sure that you get what you paid for and that’s why we set out to find legitimate customer reviews online.
Most customers and users praise the Eargo hearing aids as sleek, reliable products that they’re happy to own.

In other spots, though, we caught sight of a few not-so-positive reviews from users and a complaint where the customer service is concerned, unfortunately. With the pandemic affecting how businesses conduct their affairs, it’s understandable that the Eargo staff should be a little pressed.
Still, to be on the safe side, we recommend taking a test drive through the Eargo customer service portal, before making a purchase, be it through video or over the phone.

What Does Eargo Offer?

Aside from the three Eargo hearing aids available, Eargo also offers hearing care accessories, a dynamic smartphone app, and a free online hearing test.

1. Eargo Neo HiFi—Best in Discretion

This product comes in at the top of the Eargo hearing aid models for noise reduction and improved sound profiles. It sits comfortably in the ear canal versus your more traditional behind the ear style.

The Eargo Neo HiFi provides a high-tech hearing experience.


These hearing aids cost $2,950 with financing options and discounts available. You’ll receive an impressive package with the hearing aids that includes:

  • Two Eargo devices
  • Two large flexi palms
  • Two regular flexi palms
  • Two regular flexi fibers
  • Charger
  • Wax guard
  • USB C cable
  • USB plug
  • Cleaning brush

This Eargo Neo HiFi doesn’t come as a single unit and instead features an Eargo device for each ear.
The flexi palms are smooth, flexible tips that cover the hearing aids and they’re made from medical-grade silicone. It makes the ear pieces hypoallergenic, easy to clean and comfortable. Your sound profiles shouldn’t be muffled in the ears because the flexi design allows for airflow around the hearing aid.
You have three size options included and one replacement for each. Do note that the flexi fibers are smaller than the flexi palms, making them the most discreet choice.
The sleek charging case provides enough power for an entire week on a single charge. For a quick boost, you can charge the hearing aids for 30 minutes and that’ll offer a few hours of sound.
Settings on the device include noise reduction up to 17dB and wind noise reduction up to 13dB. The exact sound profiles aren’t detailed, but it does include feedback cancellation and a surround sound experience, according to the company. As with all Eargo hearing aids, you can adjust your sound quality via the smartphone app.

Who Is It For?

The primary standout feature of the Eargo Neo HiFi is the inclusion of the flexi fibers. They’re quite thin when compared to the flexi palms, which indicates it’s the best option for those that desire a high level of discretion and best airflow.

2. Eargo Neo—Best All-Around

The Eargo Neo hearing aids fall in the middle between state-of-the-art and budget-friendly when compared to the other hearing aid models offered by this hearing aid manufacturer.

The Eargo Neo hearing aid features four sound profiles


These Eargo hearing aids also come as a packaged unit which means you can’t buy a single hearing aid. They cost $2,350 and like the Eargo Neo HiFi, there are financing solutions on offer from the company.
The Eargo Neo includes:

  • Two Eargo devices
  • Two large flexi palms
  • Two regular flexi palms
  • Wax guard
  • Charger
  • Cleaning brush
  • USB plug
  • USB C cable

All the specifications for these hearing aids are the same as the Eargo Neo HiFi from the battery capacity to sound output, noise reduction levels and wind reduction, too.
For the Eargo Neo, though, the company does list four different sound profiles that you can switch between with a simple double tap on your ear. This adjusts background noise, and your overall sound quality and volume.
The second difference with this hearing aid package is that it doesn’t come with the double set of flexi fibers. You’re left with the large and regular flexi palms, which are still discreet, but provide less space in the ear.

Who Is It For?

If you don’t imagine you’ll need the flexi fibers on offer with the Eargo Neo HiFi, but still want the high tech Eargo experience, this set of hearing aids could be your best choice.

Eargo Max—Best Budget Pick

The Eargo Max hearing aids are a well-rounded budget pick because they offer much of the same as the more expensive models above. But some features are even better and at a lower cost to boot.


This set of Eargo Max hearing aids costs $1,850 and much like the two other hearing aid products above, the company provides an installment option.
The package includes:

  • Two Eargo hearing aids
  • Two large flexi fibers
  • Two regular flexi fibers
  • Two large flexi domes
  • Micro USB cable
  • USB plug
  • Charger
  • Wax guard
  • Cleaning brush

The Eargo Max provides slightly less output than the two devices above, at 110dB instead of 111dB. Because of this, the battery life will last you for a bit more time.
Noise reduction is substantially less, though, coming in at 12dB instead of 17dB. This means that background noise will be a greater challenge. Wind reduction, however, is better here at 14dB versus the 13dB you get with the Neo or Neo HiFi.
You still receive the same sound profiles, as with the Eargo Neo.
The last difference is that the company scrapped the flexi palms design with this hearing aid and instead includes two sizes of flexi fibers and one set of flexi domes. These domes make for a more secure fit in the ear, but could cut back on airflow because of it.

Who Is It For?

The Eargo Max is your least expensive option for hearing aids from Eargo. If background noise is a major component of your hearing loss, it may not provide enough support with that. But if you’re looking for a general boost in hearing and don’t need the flexi palms, this hearing aid could be suitable.


Eargo manufacturers keep it simple where accessories are concerned. There’s not a lot on offer, but there is one major benefit.
All hearing aid ear coverings including the flexi palms, flexi domes and flexi fibers are available for sale as single items. Each of these flexi devices works with all the Eargo hearing aids.
This means that if your chosen hearing aid doesn’t come with the exact flexi component you want, you have the option to purchase the product separately. They cost $25 each, across the board, making the customization an affordable decision.
The only other accessory available for purchase with Eargo is the wax guard replacement tool. It also comes with the $25 price tag. When your wax filter screen on the original guard runs out, pop on the official website to buy a new one.

Eargo App

If you sign up for a free video call with Eargo, you’ll receive a tour of the Eargo smartphone app via the resident audiologist with the company. Each of the Eargo hearing aids uses this application.
Your preset options available on the Eargo app include settings for a restaurant, TV, phone, crowd and more. You can also customize your treble and bass sound specifications. The app features a convenient customer service section if you need to contact the company, too.
The Eargo app is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 5s or beyond
  • All models of iPad Air
  • iPad Pro (all sizes)
  • iPad (Oct 2012 or newer)
  • iPad Mini 2 or beyond
  • All Androids with the 6.0 operating system or later

A potential, and obvious, downside with the Eargo App is that it may not be compatible with your device. If your phone isn’t an option, using an Apple computer or iPad could be, though that leaves you bound to your home or office when you need full access to the app.

Online Hearing Test

On the official Eargo website, the company offers a free online hearing test to determine if you suffer from mild-to-moderate hearing loss, or severe high frequency hearing loss, for example.
The best online hearing test takes just a few minutes to complete and works best if you use a suitable pair of headphones versus the speaker on your device. They’re not required, but it helps block out background noise, so it provides better accuracy this way.
This hearing test measures tonality and sound quality for each ear. You can only complete each step once, so it’s important that you’re listening well throughout the entire process.
To receive your hearing test results, you’ll first have to finish a hearing questionnaire and provide your email address and phone number. A company employee will send you marketing emails but unsubscribing takes just one click.

Eargo FAQ

The best Eargo models for sound amplification offer a modern solution for hearing loss, from mild to severe high. While they fully describe these Eargo hearing aids on the official website, some more information can help you determine which hearing aid product is best for you.

People order their Eargos directly from the website. The Eargo hearing aids are listed under the “hearing solutions” tab at the top of the homepage.
Take your time reading up on hearing loss via the “hearing health” tab and take the free online hearing test before scheduling your initial consultation with an Eargo audiologist. These hearing care professionals should be able to answer questions you might have before ordering your Eargo hearing aids.

One of the best things about the Eargos is that a hearing aid prescription isn’t required.
You’ll use your consultation and hearing test to locate any specific features you might need in the hearing aids, like better noise or wind reduction, or a certain fit.
If you have a prescription already, do reference this during the consultation because it won’t hurt after all.

One insurance company will cover the cost of your Eargos while another company won’t. We recommend speaking with your insurance agent directly before ordering to double check the stipulations regarding ear care.

While the Eargo hearing aids come with rave reviews, no one had anything outstanding to say about the customer service. For an online company, this could be a concern.
Customer service teams are apt to change from day to day, depending on the volume of inquiries. When a company is running regular sales and discounts, too, chances are there’s going to be a better response because of this.

Is Eargo Worth It?

Compared to the cost of other hearing aid companies and especially behind the ear hearing aids style, Eargo hearing aids are worth it. Especially since they offer the latest technology with a balanced price. They’re not the most expensive hearing aids, nor are they the cheapest.

Are There Eargo Discounts?

Currently, there are Eargo discounts available for the following people:

  • Federal employees
  • Military
  • Healthcare workers

Federal employees may have the opportunity to receive a set of Eargo hearing aids free of charge. This depends on their exact federal insurance plan.

Does Eargo Have a Return Policy?

The response from the Eargo company tells us that there’s a 45 day trial period available for your Eargos. Excluding theft or loss, you can test your hearing aids during this time, and if you’re unhappy for any reason, you should get a full refund. The trial period begins from the day your Eargos arrive on your doorstep.
There’s a chance that there’s a one-year warranty available, as well, but we can’t confirm it at this time.

Eargo Hearing Aids in Conclusion

If you would like to try a pair of Eargos, be it the fibers or flexi models, we recommend you take advantage of the lifetime support option and schedule a consultation. You’ll want all the information you can get beyond what other customers and users say.
Each model sits in the ear canal versus your traditional behind the ear hearing aids. Whether you have profound hearing loss or a mild condition only, you should be able to find something for your ears.
Unlike other outdated companies, you adjust the volume for sound amplification via the smartphone app or tap the ear for a change in sound profile.
The bottom line Eargo comes with a 45 day trial period, and possibly a one-year warranty.

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