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MDHearingAid:Comparing Popular Hearing Aids | Farr Institute

MDHearingAid:Comparing Popular Hearing Aids | Farr Institute

By Kire Stojkovski M.D
Editor Jonathan Hoarau Published 22 January 2021
Time to read 7 min

Is a MDHearingAid product right for you? They’ve sold thousands of hearing aids and we’ve done the research to help you, our readers, make a sound decision. Read on to determine which hearing aid might be your best pick with our reviews.

Is MDHearingAid Legitimate?

MDHearingAidⓇ is a legitimate business selling FDA registered hearing aids for the public. It came into being in 2009 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. The leadership team founded MDHearingAid to help fill a gap in the hearing aid industry.
Most medical-grade hearing aids will run you thousands of dollars. MDHearingAid comes in with affordable prices for hearing aids, with or without the help of insurance.
You’ll also find accessories available from tubing, ear domes, and tips to batteries. All MDHearingAid products come with a risk-free trial.
These hearing aid products aren’t custom fit like you’ll find with higher-end options, and that’s the major difference here. Many customers don’t actually require that level of customization and if this is the case for you, MDHearingAid could be right for you, potentially saving you thousands.

MDHearingAid Benefits

A hearing expert at MDHearingAid can help you decide which direction to go in, you don’t have to be trapped with hearing loss forever. Some standout benefits of this hearing business include its affordability and the convenience factor of ordering your products online.

  • Quality Hearing Aids

With MDHearingAid, you have a few types of hearing aids to choose from, including the traditional analog style, rechargeable and smart options that can sync with an application on your mobile phone. This allows for certain personalizations you won’t find with the former. This hearing aid company has a lot to offer beyond the actual devices, though.

  • Affordable Prices

The price range of MDHearingAid hearing aids for noise reduction is approximately $200 to $800 for a single hearing aid, or $400 to $1600 for a pair. This is the full cost, but the company often runs sales where you can catch a hearing aid at 50% off or better.

  • Multiple Options

You have four primary hearing aid styles to choose from with MDHearingAid including the PRO, AIR, VOLT and CORE lines.

  • FDA-Registered

At MDHearingAid, they register each product line with the FDA. This means that the Food and Drug Administration recognizes the company and the products it sells as legitimate.
Registration differs from approval, the latter indicates that the FDA could recommend it. This isn’t necessarily a bad sign, but it’s something to be aware of when shopping.

  • No Doctor’s Visit Needed

One of the best features about using MDHearingAid for hearing loss is that it all takes place online, from start to finish. Research, shop, consult a professional audiologist and order your hearing aids for delivery to your doorstep.

MDHearingAid Reviews

You shouldn’t take a product at face value, or blindly buy into marketing schemes without first searching for qualified stories to back up any claims. Consumer reviews program exists for this reason, to share valuable information about companies such as MDHearingAid.
We set out to see why customers love MDHearingAid and this is what we found:

  • Battery life: Impressive length of time. A hearing aid with a charging dock can charge the hearing aid up to three times before needing to be plugged in itself.
  • Customer service: Excellent and friendly. Many mentioned the trial period and warranty as a big plus.
  • Pricing: Very reasonable, with financial plans if necessary.
  • Quality: Superior to other models for noise reduction and background noise.
  • Usage: Simple to manage with a discreet aesthetic.

There were some negative stories shared as well, with people having difficulty communicating with the customer service team or being approved for a refund. The company is strict with these matters and it’s imperative to stay organized from your time of purchase.

What Does MDHearingAid Offer?

For interested individuals with hearing loss, MDHearingAid offers four different lines. See what customers love about these products and how they compare side-by-side in our hearing aid reviews below

MDHearingAid AIR

Next in line from MDHearingAid is the MDHearingAid AIR. It’s the bottom tier of digital hearing aids that are sold by the company.

MD Hearing Aid offers frequent sales on the MdHearingAid Air.


One hearing aid AIR will cost you $399.99 and two will cost $799.99, unless you catch the 50% off sale. The AIR will run for around 21 to 26 days before you need to change the battery.
It’s not smartphone compatible but it does feature digital sound processing which mimics sound feedback naturally, versus boosting everything equally. The AIR also has feedback cancellation so you shouldn’t suffer that infamous whistling noise when giving a hug, for example.

Who Is It For?

It’s the next step up from the MDHearingAid PRO analog option. If feedback irritates you or the analog processing isn’t quite enough, the AIR might be your best bet, without needing to get into the higher-end digital hearing aids.
Since it’s analog, this hearing aid provides the same boost in sound for all noises. This indicates it wouldn’t be suitable for someone with a specific difficulty, like background noise, for example.

Check Best Price for MDHearingAid AIR

MDHearingAid VOLT

This rechargeable MDHearingAid hearing aid builds on the features of the basic digital AIR hearing aid. The VOLT is an advanced device with ample noise reduction and has intelligent directional microphones.

VOLT+ is the latest in the MDHearingAid VOLT line.


One rechargeable MDHearingAid VOLT intelligent hearing aid runs $599 for a single hearing or $1199.99 for a pair of VOLT hearing aids without the discount. It uses dual directional microphones that help pick up specific sounds from different directions.
The VOLT hearing aid is also water-resistant with feedback cancellation. It features a magnetic charger making it the first rechargeable product on the list. The VOLT battery lasts for around 24 to 30 hours.

Who Is It For?

This rechargeable MDHearingAID VOLT is the most popular hearing aid offered by MDHearingAid, indicating that it serves a wide variety of individuals.
For anyone that’s on-the-go and concerned about sound nuances, you’ll appreciate the magnetic charger and dual directional microphones.

Check Best Price for MDHearingAid VOLT

MDHearingAid CORE

The top hearing aid product for noise reduction currently available with MDHearingAid is the CORE.
With these hearing aids you’ll receive all of the special customizations offered by the company, excluding rechargeability and water-resistance.

You can purchase MDHearingAid CORE with a plan as low as $83.33/mo.


The CORE is the most expensive option, but remember financial plans are an option if cost is a deterrent for you. A single CORE hearing aid is $999.99 or get a pair of hearing aids for $1599.99.
The CORE hearing aid personalizes more than the others. The main feature is that it provides personalized hearing based on a map of your hearing and sound quality. This happens automatically but that’s not all.
The CORE hearing aid by MDHearingAid is also smartphone compatible, so it further provides customization options. It also features adaptive technology for adjusting your feedback depending on your location or environment.
Your volume control is located on the app or you can use the push button. The battery life is a mere five to six days due to all of the technology involved in the product.

Who Is It For?

For someone who demands customizable features and smartphone compatibility, this may be the hearing aid you’ll be most apt to try. This hearing aid is the only one on our list that offers this level of personalization.
If you’re around liquids for work or live in rainy conditions on the regular, you might think twice though since it’s not water-resistant.
Since it’s analog, this hearing aid provides the same boost in sound for all noises. This indicates it wouldn’t be suitable for someone with a specific difficulty, like background noise, for example.

Check Best Price for MDHearingAid CORE


MDHearingAid offers an array of accessories from tubing, domes, and tips to hearing aid ear care and MDShield protection plans. Batteries and chargers for each line are also available.
The tubing, domes and tips kits for each hearing aid whether it’s the CORE, PRO, VOLT or AIR, are simple to order. On the official MDHearingAid website there’s guidance on how to choose the proper set.
For hearing aid ear care, you’ll find:

  • Hearing aid air blower
  • MDHearingAid storage cases
  • UV clean and dry box
  • Earwax removal kits
  • MDHearingAid cleaning tools
  • Dri-Eze Aid dehumidifier
  • Tubing domes and tips

All of these implements come reasonably priced and help you in keeping your hearing aids clean in the long run.

The MDHearingAid tubes, domes and tips are available for all devices.
MDHearingAid MDshield protection plans
If you want a hearing aid guarantee beyond the trial period and warranty already on offer from MDHearingAid, an MDShield protection plan will back you.
It covers your hearing aid, 100%, against any and all defects, malfunctions and damages not covered by the plans listed above. The MDShield protection plan functions as a subscription that you can cancel at any time.
The only areas it doesn’t cover are theft, loss or unauthorized repairs by other agencies.

Check Best Price for MDHearingAid Accessories

MDHearingAid App

To our knowledge and based on the information we found in our research, the MDHearingAid smartphone application is only available for the smartphone-ready hearing aid which is the CORE. You can download the app at any of your app stores for iPhone or Android users.

Online Hearing Test

The MDHearingAid exam is the best online hearing test. It takes a few minutes to finish and you’ll find it on the official website. This test isn’t meant to be a diagnosis but to provide you with a brief analysis of your hearing loss. You’ll need headphones to conduct the hearing test.

MDHearingAid FAQ

We’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions by customers searching for information about hearing aids and MDHearingAid products, in particular.

How Do I Order?

Customers visit the official MDHearingAid website to place an order. You’ll find thorough descriptions and steps to follow while choosing which hearing aid you want to try.
Professional audiologists employed by MDHearingAid can examine your order and answer any questions you might have regarding which hearing aid device may be best for you.

Do I Need a Hearing Aid Prescription?

One of the great benefits of MDHearingAid is that you don’t need a prescription. It wouldn’t hurt, but if your hearing loss is only minor to moderate, the online test might be enough to help you distinguish which level of support you need.

Will My Insurance Cover MDHearingAid?

All insurance plans differ, so we can’t be sure that your MDHearingAid will be covered by your insurance. It’s best to contact your insurance company before ordering your hearing aids to double-check.

Is MDHearingAid Customer Service Good?

As mentioned in the consumer reviews portion, we’ve seen multiple accounts of both positive and negative experiences with the product information customer service at MDHearingAid.
The latter accounts, however, had to do with the guarantees, in particular. Given there are strict stipulations around the return policies, we’d wager a bet on the customer service leaning towards the positive side more than anything else.

Is MDHearingAid Worth It?

According to customers, MDHearingAid is one of the most state-of-the-art and professional online hearing aid businesses. The hearing aids are well made with advanced audio settings and certified by specialists during the manufacturing process.
We can’t claim the prices are cheap, you’re looking at medical grade hearing devices, after all. They aren’t custom fit, either. However, compared to the cost of other hearing aids that run in the thousands and along with everything else on offer with MDHearingAid, it’s great value for money.

Are There MDHearingAid Discounts?

Yes. As mentioned, MDHearingAidⓇ often runs great sales, such as 50% off all their hearing aid lines. This might be for a single hearing aid, though we’ve also seen pairs of hearing aids on sale, too. It’s worth checking out upon ordering.

Does MDHearingAid Have a Return Policy?

Aside from the extravagant MDHearingAid MDshield protection plan, MDHearing Aid offers a money back guarantee and a trial period on all devices. This excludes the hearing aid ear care accessories as far as we know.
The 45 day risk free trial doesn’t cover damages but if you’re unhappy with your hearing aid during this time frame, you can return it. Further details aren’t available at this time due to a malfunction on the official website.
The MDHearingAid warranty is good for up to 90 days and covers defects in workmanship on all hearing aids. MDHearingAid will repair and return your hearing aid free of charge.
All of the contact information for these plans, including the customer services resources address and PO box, is available on the site.

MDHearingAid Reviews in Conclusion

Dear readers, can you see why customers love MDHearingAidⓇ? The cost of hearing aids can be devastating, but MDHearingAid may have something that is a good fit for you and your budget..
With a PRO hearing aid, that could be a thing of the past. A CORE or VOLT with intelligent directional microphones that help decrease background noise and offer other features might be a good pick for you.
The advanced audio settings offered by MDHearingAid are top notch and you have accessories available, as well, like domes, tips, batteries, and chargers. Hearing aid ear care products are on the site, too.
Based on customer reviews, you won’t be disappointed with the hearing aids on offer from MDHearingAid. For better hearing today have questions directed to the official website, where the customer service team is ready to serve you.

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