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Prime Male Review: Is This Testosterone Booster Effective?

Prime Male Review: Is This Testosterone Booster Effective?

By Kire Stojkovski M.D
Editor akhila Published 22 May 2023
Time to read 10 min

It happens to every man eventually: they start feeling less energetic, their sex drive crashes, and they start struggling in the weight room. When this happens, most guys chalk it up to growing old.
Maybe what they should blame it on is low testosterone, however.
Before you give up and accept your slow decline, consider giving a testosterone booster a shot. If your T-levels are low, getting them back in line may be all you need to feel young again.
With that in mind, I decided to try Prime Male, one of the best testosterone boosters on the market. It promises the world — but does it really work? Read my Prime Male review below to find out.

What We Liked

  • Uses proven, all-natural ingredients
  • Few side effects
  • Absorbs fully into the body
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

What We Didn’t Like

  • On the pricey side
  • Have to keep taking it to continue seeing results
  • Only available on manufacturer’s website

Bottom Line

With a variety of effective natural ingredients, Prime Male is a good choice for the man who’s suffering from low energy or libido but who is also suspicious of pharmaceutical drugs.

Visit the Official Prime Male Website

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Prime Male

Before you buy any testosterone booster, there are a few things you need to consider. The most obvious is how effective it is, but equally important are how easy it is to get and whether or not you can afford it.
After all, you don’t want to find a miracle supplement only to discover that the company’s gone out of business or that it costs too much for you to take it regularly.

A Complete Review of Prime Male Testosterone Booster

A Close Look at Prime Male Ingredients

A testosterone booster is only as good as the ingredients inside it.
Prime Male is made with 12 natural ingredients, each of which has some evidence showing its effectiveness at raising testosterone levels.
These ingredients are:

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

This complex-sounding ingredient is actually one single amino acid, D-Aspartic Acid. However, it comes in a special form (calcium chelate) that makes it 75 times more soluble in water. That allows it to be fully absorbed into your bloodstream with little risk of an upset stomach.
As for D-Aspartic Acid itself, one study showed that taking 3 grams of it per day could boost testosterone levels by 42% in as little as two weeks.
D-Aspartic Acid is best-suited for turbocharging libido, making it a good choice for any man looking to rev up his love life again.


BioPerine doesn’t actually boost testosterone, but it’s still an important ingredient. It helps your body absorb nutrients, ensuring that all of the other T-boosters in Prime Male are properly utilized.
If you look around, you’ll notice that BioPerine is being used in all sorts of supplements these days, from multivitamins to nootropics. That’s because every supplement works better when your body absorbs it properly.


Boron is a mineral that your body needs for everything from growing bones to reducing inflammation. For our purposes, though, its most important function is causing your body to release more free testosterone.
Studies have shown that boron can increase free testosterone levels by as much as 28% in a single week. Even better, boron helps lower estrogen levels too, making your T-booster all the more effective.

Korean Red Ginseng

There are several different types of ginseng, and they can do everything from improve brain function to reduce inflammation. However, there’s one particular type of ginseng — Korean red ginseng — that can work wonders on men suffering from erectile dysfunction.
In fact, doctors have found that taking Korean red ginseng every day for two months reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction, boosts sexual desire, and improves sexual satisfaction.


Found in the leaves of a particular family of mint plants, luteolin helps block the production of estrogen. That’s important because estrogen is the yin to testosterone’s yang; as its opposite, it can block all the vital functions we want testosterone to accomplish.
Men with high estrogen levels have lower sperm counts, increased risk of erectile dysfunction, and oh yeah — they grow breasts. Not pecs. Breasts.
It makes sense, then, to block as much estrogen production as you can.


Most of the testosterone in your body is unavailable for you to use. Instead, it’s bound to compounds called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).
Magnesium reduces your SHBG levels, causing more testosterone to become available — this is called “free” testosterone, and it’s really the only testosterone that matters for improving performance.
Taking magnesium can boost your free testosterone levels — and it works wonders when you combine it with heavy exercise.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract

While estrogen gets all the hype, there’s actually another female hormone that can be just as devastating for men. It’s called prolactin, and Mucuna pruriens extract helps block it.
Mucuna pruriens also fights cellular damage related to stress. This can help you look and feel better, even when your life is hectic.
It may also improve sperm count and quality, which can boost both your fertility levels and sexual satisfaction.

Nettle Root

Like magnesium, nettle root helps block SHBG, freeing up more testosterone in your body.
Not only that, but nettle root is an excellent natural estrogen blocker.

Vitamin B6

Your body can’t just make testosterone out of thin air. First, it has to assemble the building blocks of testosterone, which is a hormone called androgen.
Vitamin B6 causes your body to increase androgen production, which then signals your testes to ramp up testosterone production as well. By increasing the amount of vitamin B6 in your bloodstream, you give your body all the raw ingredients it needs to make testosterone.
As an added bonus, vitamin B6 also helps you absorb zinc and magnesium, both of which are key ingredients in Prime Male.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has been shown to be one of the most important nutrients for testosterone production in men. However, most men don’t get nearly enough. Why is that?
Simple — most of our vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight. Many men these days spend all their time indoors, they’re not getting nearly enough rays to spur testosterone production.
However, spending time in the sun carries a significant risk of skin cancer, so it’s helpful to get extra vitamin D from other sources.

Vitamin K2

Think of vitamin K2 as Robin to vitamin D3’s Batman. While vitamin K2 only modestly boosts testosterone on its own, it’s extremely effective at raising T-levels when paired with vitamin D3.
As a brief aside, one thing we like about Prime Male is how most of their ingredients work synergistically with one another. That shows they put a lot of thought into what to include in their formula, rather than just loading it with a bunch of different herbs and hoping it would work.


If your zinc levels are low, your body won’t produce testosterone. That’s because zinc is an essential ingredient in the hormones that stimulate testosterone production.
Scientists have discovered that your zinc levels and testosterone levels are closely linked.
There’s a catch, though: your body can’t store zinc, so you have to continually replenish your levels through diet or supplementation.

Is Prime Male FDA Approved?

Not at this time, no. However, it’s manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, meaning you can trust it to be made safely and without problematic ingredients.

How to Use Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Prime Male is a pill that you take with food four times per day.
There’s no need to “load” or “cycle” it. The manufacturer recommends taking it at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, and 5 pm to keep your energy levels high and give you the maximum amount of free testosterone to use during your day.

Unfortunately, Prime Male won’t “cure” low T-levels. That means you have to keep taking it if you want to keep seeing results.

What Are the Benefits of Prime Male?

Prime Male does one thing, and one thing only: increase testosterone levels.
However, if you have higher testosterone levels, you can see all manner of improvements in your life, including:

  • The ability to build lean muscle faster
  • More energy and less stress
  • Higher libido and increased sexual satisfaction
  • The ability to burn stubborn fat
  • Lower blood pressure and decreased insulin resistance
  • Sharper mental state

Now, it’s important to note that not all men will see every one of these benefits. Also, if your T-levels are already high, you’ll see less results than men who are at the lower end of the spectrum.
As a result, it’s best-suited for men 30 and over who have noticed their vitality levels flagging as they age.
The ingredients in Prime Male will begin working at different times, so it’s hard to give a firm estimate as to when you’ll see results. However, most men start noticing changes within two weeks, with full effectiveness happening at around the two-month mark.

Can I Experience Any Side Effects When Using Prime Male?

Any time you take a medication or supplement, you run the risk of side effects.
Given that Prime Male uses only natural ingredients, though, your risk is much lower than it would be if you were taking a pharmaceutical drug. We haven’t come across any Prime Male complaints, however.
Still, you may notice the following:

  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty sleeping

You should always talk to your doctor before starting a new supplement
Seek medical advice if you suspect you’re having a particularly negative reaction to the supplement.

How Much Does It Cost?

A one-month supply of Prime Male costs $69. You can also buy a two-month supply, but it costs the same per-bottle as the one-month supply.
However, they also offer a four-month supply option which cuts the cost down to around $51 per bottle. This is your best bet if you plan on taking Prime Male long-term.
They do offer free shipping on the two- and four-month supply options. If you buy a one-month supply, you can choose to have it shipped via USPS Priority or FedEx 2-Day. The costs of shipping will vary depending on which option you choose.

Get Prime Male

FAQs About Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Where Can I Buy Prime Male?

You may see it sold at a variety of places on the internet, but we’d recommend only buying it from the official website at primemale.com. That’s the only way to be sure you’re getting the real thing and not some cheap knockoff.
They ship anywhere in the world, so you can get the testosterone support you need regardless of where you live.

What Is Their Return Policy?

You can return unopened bottles with 7 days for either a refund or replacement. Also, you have 90 days to try Prime Male to see if it works for you. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, they’ll offer you a full refund during that 90-day window.

Are There Any Health Warnings or Restrictions?

Not that the manufacturer mentions, no. However, you should always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.

Other Reviews of Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Alternative Products to Prime Male


This formula is heavy on the D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D, but it also has a healthy dose of oyster extract as well. That can soup up your sex drive, but this supplement is best-reserved for guys looking to pack on lean muscle.


TestoGen is remarkably similar to Prime Male, with one key difference: it uses Fenugreek extract in place of the Mucuna pruriens extract. That means it may not raise your free testosterone levels as much, but it could potentially do more for your libido.


TestoMax is sold in more places than any of the other options we’ve mentioned so far, as you can find it on Amazon or in many supplement stores. It uses similar ingredients to the others, but only has six of them, which may affect your results.

If you are not a big fan of supplements though, you can also try increasing it naturally, by consuming testosterone boosting foods and having a healthy lifestyle.

Prime Male: The Bottom Line

Low testosterone levels can sabotage your entire life, from your sex drive to your efforts in the weight room. If you suspect your levels might be low, a booster like Prime Male might be able to help.
It’s filled with natural testosterone-boosting ingredients, and based on the other Prime Male reviews we’ve seen, it certainly seems to work. We’d recommend it as a good starting place for any man looking to regain his youth and vitality, both in the bedroom and outside it.

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