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STDCheck Review – Is it a Reliable Choice in an Emergency?

“OMG! I think I have an STD. What do I do now?”
It’s a scary feeling when you first get the initial scare of a sexually transmitted disease. You may have heard horror stories about someone else’s disease. Or seen depressing videos on life-threatening conditions like AIDS. Or maybe you just see a rash that you never noticed before.
Hey, everyone freaks out a little at first. The good news though, is that STD (sexually transmitted diseases) testing is preventive. Going to get tested as soon as possible can help you prevent certain conditions from getting worse.
In this discussion, we’re going to talk about how STD testing works and how to cure an STD without going to the doctor. That’s right, with websites like STDCheck.com, you can get tested without having to go to the doctor and suffer through that embarrassing conversation!

Legitimate Online STD Tests vs Scams

To begin, let’s talk about the very real possibility that you might get scammed. When you’re panicking about a possible STD, you’re not always thinking logically. No wonder then so many people fall for online scams that promise STD testing and cures.
Rather than trust the first search result that comes up from Google, it’s best to learn how STD testing actually works. According to Planned Parenthood, each STD has its own test. There is no one catch-all test to take. Your doctor helps you to determine the most relevant test to take according to symptoms.
Tests may involve any of the following collection methods:

  • Urine test
  • Blood test
  • Cheek swab
  • Physical examination
  • Sore sample with swab
  • Genital discharge swab

You always have the option for testing, even without symptoms. Depending on the STD in question, results may take just a few hours or several days.
When determining a legit STD testing clinic, you’re not basing the decision on just company reputation alone – rather, you’re counting on the medical science that the clinic uses. Specifically, you want the assurance of:

  • A quality sample (professional means of gathering test data)
  • An accredited lab (a certified lab that reports accurate results)
  • A quality test (no compromised test results)

Just remember these tips before trusting a company too much:

What to Look For

  • Does the company offer in person collection at a lab?
  • Does the company have a US-based verified address?

What to Avoid (Like the Plague!)

  • Companies that have no physical address
  • Companies that sell cheap or expired tests
  • Huge discounts for multiple tests at once

My Review of STDCheck.com

Since we’ve been talking about reputable STD testing companies, let’s consider a case in point. The website STDCheck is a popular company that claims to have performed two million tests and offers over 4,500 labs for testing in STD prevention and treatment.
For this review, we’re going to rate the company according to a few different criteria, based on the most common requests from clients seeking STD testing.


For convenience, STDCheck ranked 4 out of 5. The company did not have a mail-in sample feature, but did offer online appointments, which helped reduce stress and embarrassment in clients.


For privacy, the company received 5 out of 5. The company’s high standards for protecting client data is impressive, even going so far as to disallow insurance payments to guarantee discretion. Because of this STDcheck.com emphasis on discreet online std testing is found to be true. You do not have to use a real name, and have the option to notify all past partners anonymously via text.


STDCheck received 4 out of 5, being averagely priced for individual testing, but a lower consolidated price for 10 different STD tests in the Ten-Test Panel package.
Coupon codes are also available for extra savings at the end of our discussion, should you decide to order a test.

How fast can you get your results back?

Results take 1-2 days after dropping off your lab sample. You also have the option to call care advisors to discuss any issues as needed.


While the company does not have mail-in options, STD results are more likely to be accurate, as clients cannot accidentally contaminate the test results. Lab accuracy, with standards approved by the FDA, should give visitors peace of mind. We give the company 5 stars out of 5.

Consumer Rating

Reviews on STDCheck have been generally good and the company received an A+ by the Better Business Bureau and a 5 out of 5 from us, based on many positive reviews from customers.

Does STDCheck.com Have the Best Online STD Checks?

STDCheck.com specializes in private testing, offering clients the chance to get tested without having to awkwardly explain the situation to a clinic staff. The company has streamlined the process by making the purchase and arrangement of STD tests available online.
However, in order to make sure the validity of test results, clients must come into one of the 4,500 labs across the nation to provide a specific sample. After visiting, patients will be informed within two days without having to speak to a doctor. If you test positive for an STD, you can speak to a physician to help get treatment and discuss any questions you might have.
STDCheck.com differs from other private testing companies in that it does not have a sample mail-in option. Instead, you must book STD treatment online in advance and then go to take the sample in person.
The process still allows for a more discreet process than making a doctor’s appointment because you get confident STD testing, five minute testing on-site, results within two days or in some cases on the same day.
Why use an on-site lab rather than mail in your samples? The company insists on using one of its 4,500 labs to maintain accuracy. All labs are FDA-approved, meaning all tests are protected against compromised samples or inaccurate testing mistakes that might otherwise happen.
The company uses the same labs that doctors and other physicians use, so the data and the analysis remains the same as a professional-level consultation.
The advantages to using STDCheck lie in the ability to:

  • Place your order online and visit a lab the same day
  • Get STD medication discreetly without making an appointment
  • Get a test and get help the same day
  • Get help without having to report anything to your healthcare provider

The discrete nature of STDCheck protects you from awkward encounters and guarantees no medical records are kept on your file. No paperwork is required either, since the most important process is completed online. All you have to do is provide a blood or urine sample and then report home for the results of the test(s).
The company also offers clients the option of speaking to a doctor for treatment or a discussion. You can even get a referral to see a specialist. The company’s counselors are also standing by 24-7 via chat or phone for clients who have additional questions.

Online STD Test Prices and Test Types

Wondering how much does an std test cost using an online appointment service? STDCheck offers both a 10-Test Panel for $198 and individual STD tests at standard prices. The 10-test panel is the more comprehensive test that looks for the most common bacterial and viral STDs.
If, however, you only want to test for specific transmitted diseases you can also pay per test at the standard rate of:

  • 2 HIV ($79)
  • 1 HIV ($79)
  • Herpes 1 and 2 ($65)
  • Herpes 2 ($24)
  • Hepatitis C ($24)
  • Hepatitis A, B
  • Chlamydia Gonorrhea ($89)
  • Syphilis ($79)
  • HIV RNA Early Detection ($169)

Remember you can also get a coupon here as we offer savings on all tests, whether a 10-panel test or a single test, such as an RPR blood test for syphilis. While the site’s labs do offer the most common tests, including the rarer Hep-A test, some tests such as a Trichomoniasis test are not included in the site specifically.

Payments and Insurance Accepted

The company accepts a variety of payments, including the most common options of:

  • All major credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Flex Spending Accounts
  • Money Orders
  • Cashiers Check
  • Even a Pay Later Option
  • Prepaid Store Gift Cards
  • Cryptocurrency, including 50 type of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin

However, in order to guarantee privacy and discretion, the company does not accept health insurance payment options. To do so would mean sharing information with your health insurance provider.
The Pay Later option lets you pay a bill online or by phone, after completing the lab sample drop off. Payment must be received before the test result is returned.
Walk-in STD testing through STDCheck.com is not like the doctor’s office. In fact, the whole process takes about five minutes and you are mainly just producing a sample in a private setting. There is no waiting for an appointment.
The office staff does not know why you’re there since labs test for many different reasons and multiple physicians. You do not have to produce identification to submit a sample nor do you pay on-site. You are simply given a unique code upon arrival that allows the lab to complete the STD testing.
From there, all results are delivered discreetly online. Live chat representatives of the site don’t even have access to STD information. Only care advisors are authorized to check your status and speak to you by your own request.
For more information on where to get STD test locations, visit the STD lab locator and search by zip code.

Frequently Asked Questions About STDs

It’s never fun asking professional office staff about general STD health questions when you’re sexually active. That’s why we’re going to answer some of the most common more “Can You Get Tested” questions that your next testing process can be fast, discreet, and stress-free!

No available STD test is perfect or 100 percent accurate every single time. Even a doctor-ordered diagnostic test in a clinic is not completely guaranteed to be accurate. False STD test results do occasionally happen because of sensitivity or specificity issues, as well as how common a disease is in the general population.

Urinary Tract Infections and related symptoms can come suddenly in the case of certain STDs, such as trichomoniasis and chlamydia. If you experience any concerning symptoms it’s better to have a test done than risk further embarrassment or injury. Fortunately, discreet testing eliminates much of the stress involved.

While it’s true that a UTI can go away on its own, that doesn’t mean it always will. In fact, it usually does not just disappear with time, especially if an STD is causing symptoms. Using an antibiotic is the best way to get treatment and avoid the infection from becoming more severe. Untreated UTIs can even travel through the body, eventually affecting kidneys and bloodstream.

If you suspect you have an STD, it’s best to have a test done rather than waiting for symptoms to show up. According to Healthline, certain diseases can show symptoms as early as seven days but as long as 21 days. Syphilis can even lie dormant for years on end!
The reason for the extended incubation period is because your body is producing antibodies to counteract the disease. STD tests determine your status by the appearance of these antibodies and not symptoms alone, since symptoms are not a reliable sign of infection or disease.

No, there is no STD test or even a DNA test that can scientifically tell you who gave you an STD. Doctors can not disclose past history either. The only recourse would be to prove that both you and your ex currently have an STD and that neither of you slept with anyone else.

In most states, knowingly infecting someone else with an STD is a crime or at the very least a civil lawsuit for personal injury waiting to happen. Some states even hold the infected partner liable for emotional trauma that he/she caused their lover for possible exposure.
It’s a slightly more difficult case if your partner claims negligence. Then it’s a matter of proving the other person knew of their status and intentionally didn’t tell you, or willfully tried to infect you. It should be noted that criminal convictions for STDs are quite rare. Civil lawsuits do occasionally happen, however.
Avoid Foreign Scams that sell deeply discounted STDCheck (.com) Branded tests and can’t be verified. We have STDCheck.com tests and coupons available including some of the following working codes that are good until the end of the year:
Please, Purchase directly from the website and if you are considering buying from a whole sale seller for a discount, try these coupons first

Where to buy Legit STDCheck.com Tests and Coupons

Avoid Foreign Scams that sell deeply discounted STDCheck (.com) Branded tests and can’t be verified. We have STDCheck.com tests and coupons available including some of the following working codes that are good until the end of the year:
Please, Purchase directly from the website and if you are considering buying from a whole sale seller for a discount, try these coupons first:

  • 10OffOrder
  • 15covid
  • 15offworldaidsday
  • 15offhivtestingday

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We highly recommend STDCheck.com if you want more privacy but more professional and accurate diagnoses for STD testing. When dealing with a very real threat, it’s important to be thorough and not take any chances, particularly when payment options are so flexible.
Together with the fact that office waiting time is drastically reduced for your comfort, there’s no reason to postpone this issue any longer. Be safe and always keep your health and the health of your partner(s) as a top priority.

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