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The Best HCG Drops: Shed Those Pounds Faster

The Best HCG Drops: Shed Those Pounds Faster

By Kire Stojkovski M.D
Editor akhila Published 02 June 2023
Time to read 6 min

Right off the bat, the products on this list do not contain HCG. That’s not to say that they don’t work. Instead of introducing synthetic HCG into your body, the items on this list enhance the natural synthesis of hormones responsible for fat oxidation and weight loss, by extension.
Per their reviews and success stories, these products help you lose weight fast. Keep in mind that it’s not the HCG drops that make you shed off those pounds. It’s the low-calorie diet that triggers weight loss. These products help you sustain the diet by suppressing your hunger and favoring fat loss over lean muscle loss.
The FDA has rightly pointed out that the ultra-low-calorie intake associated with the HCG diet can be dangerous. You need a time-tested product to ensure your energy levels don’t suffer.

Our Top Picks for the Best Diet Drops

The ultra-low-calorie intake is the power behind the quick weight loss associated with the HCG diet [1][2][3][4]. The danger here is that such sudden weight loss results in decreased muscle mass [5]. Studies have also shown that low-calorie intake may result in a lowered metabolism. The body thinks it’s starving, so it reduces the number of calories burns [6].
This is where the HCG drops come into play. Some studies have found that hormones may be tweaked to direct your body to burn more fat. In the end, your body burns fat while preserving your muscles [7]. This effect is essential for two main reasons:

  • Fat oxidation increases your energy levels, suppressing your hunger.
  • You burn fat twice as fast as you would if you were on a low-calorie diet without HCG drops.

That said, not every product will do; let’s take a peek at the top drops that actually work.

1. Complex Diet Drops


  • All natural ingredients
  • Includes free shipping
  • Helps suppress your appetite
  • Preserves lean muscle mass
  • You receive bulk discounts
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • It’s hormone-free
  • A 30-day return window
  • You don’t need to exercise


  • Very strict nutrition plans
  • Features a proprietary blend

Complex Diet Drops is a product of BioSource Labs, a U.S.-based company. This non-hormonal solution helps you lose weight by balancing your hormones. It favors the production of hormones that enhance fat oxidation. Coupled with their diet plans, you could shed a pound every day, without compromising your lean muscle.
With more than 25 natural extracts and amino acids, the complex diet approach could yield a near 100% success rate. Ensure you stick to the suggested nutrition plans, though, ranging from 500 to 1,200 calories per day.
Complex Diet Drops stimulates your body to produce metabolism-friendly hormones naturally. These hormones, in turn, signal the hypothalamus to burn your fats. When circulated to the bloodstream, the fats undergo oxidation, discharging the energy you need to get going. That’s despite the low-calorie diet you’ll be feeding on.
In line with your body volume, you can consume Complex Diet Drops in 43 or 63 days.

HCG complex diet drops review

Complex Diet Drops​ Official Website

2. Official HCG Diet Drops


  • Offers complimentary, same-day shipping
  • You shed more pounds daily
  • Receive $10 with the refund
  • HCG diet drops conserve lean muscle
  • You’re not required to exercise
  • Guaranteed 90-day refund
  • The product boasts several positive reviews
  • HCG diet includes nutrition support


  • Insufficient info on product’s operation
  • Not many third-part reviews

Manufactured by NATO Supplements Inc., the solution features a homeopathic blend with magnesium phosphate, natrum phosphate, and Vitamin B12.
You can choose from the product’s four packages, ranging from 15 to 90 days. With each bundle, you get weight-loss tips, easy-to-follow recipes, and eBooks.
Official HCG Diet Drops claims to work by boosting your metabolism, speeding up weight loss. The accelerated metabolism helps burn stored fats while calming your appetite. Yet, you stay energized throughout.
To lose weight successfully, you should stick to a 500-calorie intake per day.
NATO Supplements Inc. refunds your cash, plus an extra $10 if this HCG diet doesn’t produce results in seven days.

Visit the Official HCG Diet Drops​ Website

3. HCG Warrior


  • Attacks abnormal fat
  • Aims to shed more pounds daily
  • Includes HCG diet guidebook
  • Preserves muscle mass
  • No workouts on your end
  • Guaranteed 30-day refund


  • Few reviews from third parties
  • You must take potassium pills
  • Need for Vitamin B12 pills

HCG Warriors, a top Canadian diet-drops supplier, is the brain behind this weight loss solution.
This supplement is a good fit if you’re struggling with weight loss, irrespective of your gender. It targets stubborn fats in the thighs, upper arm, hips, belly, etc.
Consequently, you could shed up to 29 pounds in 27 days, according to the manufacturer. Yet, you don’t have to exercise. You lose weight when HCG Warrior Drops triggers the hypothalamus, helping regulate your appetite and metabolism. This helps convert stored fats into energy while suppressing your hunger pangs.
For significant weight loss, though, you should strictly observe the HCG diet plan. Nutrition involves a low-calorie intake. While this diet won’t be sufficient to keep you energized, the fats your body burns will.
You’re unlikely to experience muscle breakdown, too, as HCG Warrior Drops targets the stored fats, not the muscles – even if you’re on low-calorie nourishment.
According to the manufacturer, when you resume a regular diet, your body will keep on taking down the fat reserves. The only difference is that the hypothalamus will reprogram your metabolic rate to an elevated level to match the new caloric-intake.
Based on your weight-related goals, you can opt for a 27- or 40-day diet program with HCG Warrior. Either way, you get customer support and an authorized HCG diet guide with your purchase.

Visit the HCG Warrior Official Website

What Are HCG Drops?

HCG drops are natural extracts that mimic HCG functions in relation to increased satiety and reduced appetite in pregnant women.
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG, is a hormone that occurs naturally in the first trimester. It can also be found in patients with placental, ovarian, and testicular cancer, though.
During pregnancy, HCG helps generate estrogen and progesterone hormones, which aid in the baby’s development.
More interestingly, HCG keeps pregnant women feeling fuller when they eat less. This is important because the baby already occupies a large portion of their abdominal cavity; they can’t afford to eat too much [7][8].
HCG drops influence the hormonal environment with favor on metabolic friendly hormones; to enhance fat oxidation and preserve lean muscle. They do not contain any HCG, nor did they influence the production of HCG in your body. This is important because HCG for weight loss is banned by the FDA [9].

How to Use HCG Drops

The recommended way to consume the supplements is by placing them under your tongue for a couple of seconds, to allow absorption, before swallowing it. Take a peek at how you should dispense the top products on our list.

Complex Diet Drops

  • Put ten droplets under your tongue, thrice a day. Alternatively, use 15 droplets twice a day.
  • Allow a 60-second absorption phase before swallowing it.
  • Don’t ingest a thing 30 minutes before (and after) using the natural diet.
  • Consistent use yields optimal results.

Official HCG Diet Drops

  • Place 10 droplets beneath your tongue, three times per day.
  • Allow for these to sit for 30 seconds before swallowing.
  • Don’t consume anything 15 seconds before (and after) taking the HCG drops.

HCG Warrior

  • Use10 to 15 HCG drops thrice every day.
  • Rest these under your tongue for up to two minutes.
  • Take potassium and Vitamin B12 pills alongside this product.

What Are the Best HCG Drops for Weight Loss?

The best HCG drops are those that contain natural ingredients with no HCG. Any product that markets pure HCG for weight loss, or any traces of it in its products, commits a crime per FDA regulation.
Since the HCG diet is very calorie-restrictive, make sure you take it under supervision. You want a product from a reputable manufacturer with a proven track record.
The HCG diet’s efficacy is reliant on the HCG drop’s efficacy at fending off hunger, allowing you to stick to their low-calorie diet. Without the proper supplementation, your body will go into starvation mode and burn less fat [6].

Where to Get HCG Drops

With many HCG solutions available online, you could easily buy a counterfeit. Most reputable manufacturers sell their diet drops on their respective websites. Revisiting our top three products above, each of the HCG drops is available on the corresponding manufacturer’s website.
Note, HCG drops from unknown sources (or manufacturers) could cause unexpected side effects. The products are often unregulated, and most of the constituents, whether useful or harmful, aren’t listed on the package.
In such cases, it’s tricky to determine the products’ credibility without relying on user reviews, some of which may be unverified.

Can You Buy HCG Drops over the Counter?

HCG drops, the nonhormonal variants discussed in this article, are available over-the-counter. Products with HCG are, however, illegal; regarding weight loss programs.
Ensure that each product you buy comes from a reputable manufacturer. Going into an HCG diet with a poorly constituted product could be very dangerous.

Lose Weight like a Pro

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a pain. HCG drops, unlike injections or pellets, could help you shed pounds in a shorter period, especially if you’re struggling to lose weight the traditional way.
These diet drops promise to improve metabolism, help burn fats, and reduce food cravings without compromising your energy points.
Note that you should take these HCG drops consistently – and consume no more than 500 calories per day – for a successful weight loss program.
As always, whenever in doubt about weight loss products, consult a certified professional.

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