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Everlywell Review: Pros, Cons, and How it Works

Everlywell Review: Pros, Cons, and How it Works

By Kire Stojkovski M.D
Editor Jonathan Hoarau Published 10 May 2023
Time to read 8 min

Nearly everyone has felt the discomfort of going to a clinic to get tested. You may even dread the experience, particularly if a certain kind of test is very personal and life-changing.
If only there were a way to test yourself discreetly. That’s the premise behind Everlywell, a so-called Test Home Collection Kit. The company can provide discreet home testing for over 30 tests and kits, from fertility tests to STDs, or even food sensitivity tests.
It sounds like a great idea. But what are other people saying about Everlywell food sensitivity results? In this discussion, we’re going to talk about what tests the company offers, how reliable they are, and the review feedback we’ve read online.
Let’s start by talking about what Everlywell is and what it’s not.

What We Liked

  • At-home and discreet testing, an easy way to take preventive measures in your health
  • Prepaid shipping and all equipment provided in the kit
  • A variety of tests for health, wellness, age and sex-related issues

What We Didn’t Like

  • Prices are fairly high and there are multiple tests you might need to take
  • Self-produced samples (especially that finger prick) is not for the squeamish
  • Not all doctors are convinced the food sensitivity testing is accurate
  • Not the fault of the company, but not all states allow the tests in place of a clinic test

Bottom Line

Everlywell represents a shift in modern testing, one that allows patients to find labs and physicians off-site. Even critics agree that Everlywell is not making a cheap substitute for real lab work – it’s all quality lab work. While results are not guaranteed, many consumers find the discreet and easy testing kit preferable to making embarrassing appointments in-clinic.

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What is Everlywell?

Everlywell is a health company based in Austin, Texas and founded in 2015. CEO Julia Cheek introduced the concept as easy sample collection, free shipping, and testing results reviewed by trusted physicians. In just a few days, clients could get the test results they need by using the lab testing kit and receiving digital results.
What Everlywell does is connect consumers to labs, reducing the need for crowded waiting rooms and the nuisance of going to public clinics for personal matters. The company has grown over the years and has been featured on high-profile shows like Bloomberg, Tech Crunch, CBS, and most notably Shark Tank.

How is Everlywell Testing Done?

Everlywell has a somewhat new reputation, though they do go out of their way to explain why their testing is reliable. Kits are shipped to clients within 3-5 days after initial shipping, and results arrive within five business days from the day the lab receives your samples.
Testing is done in trusted laboratories, which are CLIA-certified. The designation of “Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments” refers to high testing standards and levels of accuracy, as certified by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as the Food and Drug Administration.
Besides state and federal certifications, all labs are subject to regular inspections and third-party auditing. CLIA-certified labs are also used directly by physicians in clinical practice, so the quality of lab testing is the heart of the issue, not merely the company’s brand quality.
Speaking of Everlywell’s reputation, however, the company has earned praise for its lower-than-average prices on some tests, the ability to accept HSA and FSA payments, discreet packaging, and about 30 different tests to choose from at home
The company also takes responsibility for its clients, going so far as to provide phone or video consultations with a doctor after a positive test, not to mention prescriptions.
The only downside is not related to Everlywell’s policies but to state laws, since some tests are unavailable to residents of specific states.

Reviews of Everlywell Lab Tests

Everlywell offers over 30 individual tests in the categories of wellness, sexual function, energy and weight, and male/female health. The site also allows visitors to search for general symptoms and see what test a doctor might recommend. Tests include:

Testing for Food Sensitivities

Price: $159
Collection Method: Just a finger prick of blood
Learn how your body reacts to 96 different kinds of foods, including the effect on your immune response. This test could help clients that are trying an elimination diet, because of digestive symptoms like stomach pain.
Reviews from Amazon and other internet sources suggested that people either loved Everlywell’s easy system or remained skeptical about the accuracy of the food sensitivity test.

Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test

Price: $199
Collection Method: Just a prick of blood
They say everyone has allergies…but find out what specific allergies you have, as you take a test for 40 common allergens both indoor and outdoor. Find out what gives you symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes and scratchy throat. Included allergens are types of trees, weeds, molds, mites and other pests.

Heavy Metals Test

Price: $199
Collection Method: Urine sample
Find out if your health has been compromised by toxic elements, particularly an abundance of minerals or heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and others.
While most criticism online was reserved for the food sensitivity test, other users on Reddit did question the integrity of the results. Namely, that doctors are not administering the finger tests , which means clients may be inadvertently contaminating the results.
However, most agree that the company is not actually scamming anyone or, scientifically speaking, “reinventing lab work.” The process remains largely the same.

STD Test – Female or Male

Price: $199
Collection Method: (Female) Vaginal swab, prick of blood; (Male) urine, prick of blood
Take a discreet test for the most common STDs: HIV, syphilis, Herpes Type 2, Hep-C, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis, and Chlamydia. If you test positive, you are referred to a physician that can help.

HPV Test – Female

Price: $89
Collection Method: Vaginal swab
A test for the high-risk HPV is not included with other STD testing. Check for 14 HPV genotypes, which can lead to cervical cancer.
STD testing from Everlywell received some mixed reviews, particularly from Amazon. Some users remarked that their results were inaccurate, which led to great stress and frustration, especially when consulting with a doctor who gave conflicting information.

List of Other Everlywell Tests

COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit

Price: $109
Collection Method: Nasal swab
Find out if you have COVID-19 without taking the risk of an in-person visit. This FDA authorized test can give you fast results within 72 hours. If you test positive, receive a free consultation with a physician who will direct you on what to do next. This test is provided for by your healthcare provider, so if you have symptoms find out immediately.
STD testing from Everlywell received some mixed reviews, particularly from Amazon. Some users remarked that their results were inaccurate, which led to great stress and frustration, especially when consulting with a doctor who gave conflicting information.

Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test

Price: $259
A more comprehensive version of the food sensitivity test, offering a wider range of foods for the well-traveled foodie.

Thyroid Test

Price: $159
Collection Method: Prick of blood
Test levels of three thyroid hormones: TSH, T3 and T4. Thyroid testing can help identify symptoms of fatigue, constipation, weight gain, and other concerning symptoms.

FIT Colon Cancer Screening Test

Price: $49

Collection Method: Stool sample
One of the most stressful clinical tests can now be done from home. Screen for the presence of blood in your stool and detect colon cancer early with the Fecal Immunochemical Test . The test is only available for 50 and up.

Sleep and Stress Test

Price: $199
Collection Method: Urine
Test for fluctuations in hormones that affect your sleep quality, namely cortisol, cortisone, melatonin, and creatinine.

Men’s Health Test

Price: $199
Collection Method: Prick of blood, saliva
Men can test for four important hormones that directly affect health, mood, and sex, drive, muscle, and energy.

Testosterone Test

Price: $59
Collection Method: Saliva
Males experiencing problems with mood, energy or sex drive can test for testosterone problems. The testosterone test is independent of the general male health test.

Women’s Fertility Test

Price: $149
Collection Method: Prick of blood, saliva
Women interested in pregnancy can test for hormone fluctuations to determine proper ovarian function, which is directly related to fertility.

Perimenopause Test

Price: $99
Collection Method: Prick of blood
If you’re a woman worried about menopause and experiencing symptoms, take a perimenopause test to understand where exactly you are in the menopausal cycle.

Postmenopause Test

Price: $99
Collection Method: Prick of blood
After menopause does occur, hormone levels change and so does your body and mind. Test for changes in Estradiol and Progesterone hormones.

Ovarian Reserve Test

Price: $49
Collection Method: Prick of blood
If you’re hoping to get pregnant but may have problems, test for egg quantity and whether it matches your age.

Women’s Health Test

Price: $399
Collection Method: Prick of blood, saliva
If you’re a woman, test for overall health by focusing on 10 hormones that affect you at all ages. If you’re experiencing a wide variety of symptoms, there may be an imbalance.

Metabolism Test

Price: $49
Collection Method: Prick of blood, saliva
Test for hormone fluctuations that directly affect your weight loss goals and daily energy. A helpful test for someone who’s been struggling with weight issues for a while.

Cholesterol and Lipids Test

Price: $49
Collection Method: Prick of blood
If you suspect you have heart problems, check your cholesterol and lipid levels, as well as triglycerides. Get results for three measures: Total, HDL, and Calculated.

Heart Health Test

Price: $99
Collection Method: Prick of blood
Find out your risk of heart disease by taking a more comprehensive look and testing for additional data like hs-CRP and HbA1c, which tests blood sugar levels over the past 90 days.

Lyme Disease Test

Price: $109
Collection Method: Prick of blood
No one thinks of Lyme disease – until you realize it’s the cause of common symptoms like headaches, joint pain, and fatigue. If you’re worried about ticks, a Lyme disease test could put your mind at ease.

Folic Acid Test

Price: $89
Collection Method: Prick of blood
If you have recurring symptoms of fatigue or blood disorders you may have B9 deficiency. Check for B/9 folic acid before changing your diet.

B-Vitamins Test

Price: $89
Collection Method: Prick of blood
Find out if you’re getting enough B-vitamins in your diet. A B-vitamin deficiency, namely B6, B9 and B12 can lead to a variety of symptoms, including poor health and fatigue.

Vitamin D and Inflammation Test

Price: $109
Collection Method: Prick of blood
Measure vitamin D levels to make sure your bones and cellular health are in the proper range. A lack of vitamin D could explain the recurrence of inflammation.

Everlywell labs are CLIA-certified and even CAP-accredited by the College of American Pathologists. All testing must adhere to “rigorous standards” for reliability and stability. The company admits that their process of taking samples may differ from a local clinic, namely in that they don’t require a whole vial of blood to rest one test or even multiple tests – just a very small blood sample.
In fact, they claim the high volume samples from a clinic are often wasted. Everlywell staff are made up of a medical team which “curates biomarkers” in order to find answers to pressing medical questions.
The process is not an alternative medical option but rather the “same tests” that a physician would order for you at a similar lab. The difference is, Everlywell takes the testing off-site of the clinic.
However, physicians lead the testing and independent peer-reviewed research is what ultimately powers the science and medical practice. While not everyone at Everlywell is a doctor, doctors do take the lead, as the Science page of the website shows. The company also has a board of scientific and medical advisors to ensure accuracy and valid testing.
Lastly, Everlywell says that unlike other questionable internet companies that interpret samples, they never sell customer data and ensure complete privacy thanks to bank-level encryption technology.

Everlywell Discount Codes

Try these “live” Everlywell discount codes to find savings on free shipping and 15-25 percent off the listed price of Everywell food allergies test and other reports.

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A Review of the Process and Self-Test Results

The self-contained kit package has no company logos, giving you complete privacy and discretion. You don’t have to sign for it. All you must do is register it online by entering the unique ID code. From there, produce the sample for your chosen test, as the kit explains.
Besides all the equipment, you also get a prepaid return shipping package so that you don’t have the awkwardness of going to the post office. Return the specimen and get notified by email when the results are ready to view via your website account.
If the results are positive you are contacted by a board-certified doctor. A physician can help you with the next step, such as discussing medical options or prescribing treatment.
If you anticipate using a few tests on a regular basis, Everlywell has a subscription service intended to help save money on tests, if you come back for periodic testing. Usually, this means STD tests or other diet-related tests like food intolerances or heart health. Subscription test prices save you up to 25 percent, depending on how often you re-test.

Final Verdict

Buy It? Yes but…
Everlywell tests work with physicians, not against them or in place of them. Understanding this will help you realize the limitations of off-site testing, namely that the company can’t diagnose a disease, as if a virtual staff member were acting like a doctor.
You must still see a doctor if you suspect you have a serious ailment or condition. But as far as other tests go that are related to everyday health, Everlywell offers a discreet way to get the traditional testing experience you need. It just so happens the testing happens off-site in the same labs you trust.
For certain tests like COVID-19, food intolerances, or STDs, the service could be invaluable, especially if you’re not otherwise inclined to go to a nearby clinic. However, it’s not a service to use if you’re trying to avoid doctors entirely. Doctors will need to consult with you to get more background information and symptoms you may be experiencing.
Not only is avoiding a physician unwise, but in certain states you may not be able to use a specific test, in lieu of a clinic appointment. On the other hand, this home kit will be a welcome change for someone that wants to cut down on embarrassing and stressful in-clinic visits that are routine and preventive.

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